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Students to strike for the climate

Students to strike for the climate School strikers around the world were set to take action this Friday to demand that governments take the climate emergency seriously

LETTERS—Grouse shooting rule shows what the elite are about 

LETTERS—Grouse shooting rule shows what the elite are about  As if we need yet another example of how out of touch the Tories are, here we go again.  

Schools on brink of outbreaks

Schools on brink of outbreaks Scores of schools across England have closed or partially closed after positive coronavirus cases. 

Massive surge in virus cases shows Tory failures

Massive surge in virus cases shows Tory failures Britain recorded an ­enormous rise in coronavirus cases on Sunday. Some 2,988 people tested positive, compared to 1,813 on Saturday—a rise of over 50 percent.

Students return to schools despite safety fears

Students return to schools despite safety fears Children across England have begun returning to schools this week. The Tories claim they want everyone back so that students don’t miss out on education and vulnerable children have more support.

No cash for virus health and safety as schools open doors

No cash for virus health and safety as schools open doors Schools don’t have enough money to protect children and staff against coronavirus. Yet the Tories want schools across England to begin fully reopening from this week.

Tories plough ahead with unsafe return to schools

24 August 2020
Boris Johnson this week reiterated his drive to get all children in England back to school full time next month. Yet the Tories are refusing to put in place measures to make schools safer, such as smaller class sizes to enable social distancing.

Unfair exam grades still punishing students

24 August 2020
A fresh row has broken out over exam grades. And it exposes the way that the system operates to drive down the results of working class children

Student revolt continues as Williamson clings on and key issues remain

20 August 2020
One student says, 'The U-turn was a massive victory, but this is only going to finish when we get education reform and get rid of scum like Gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson'

Exams U-turn shows that action can beat the Tories

18 August 2020
Students have taught all of us a lesson in class war. Protest gets results.

Futures ruined by Tories’ rigged results

14 August 2020
Class is trashing the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. The ­downgrading of swathes of A-Level students’ grades in England and Wales has exposed how the system operates to keep working class people in check. 

Furious students protest over A-Levels scandal

14 August 2020
Students marched in central London on Friday demanding that Tory education secretary Gavin Williamson resign. They chanted 'No Tories, no cheats, no Eton elites'.

Tories try to justify an unsafe return to schools

10 August 2020
Boris Johnson has made it his “national priority” to get all children back to school next month regardless of whether it is safe.

Downgrades of Scottish exam results shows class bias

05 August 2020
Scottish teachers' judgements about pupils' exam grades have been overruled, and there's a strong element of class inequality built into the process.

Reports expose racism in police and schools

03 August 2020
Cops are more likely to use force against black people, and schools are more likely to exclude them

Reduced cancer care could kill tens of thousands during the pandemic

06 July 2020
Some 35,000 more people could die of cancer because of delays to diagnosis and treatment during the coronavirus crisis.

Push back by Tories results in more Covid-19 outbreaks in schools

26 June 2020
The number of suspected coronavirus outbreaks in schools nearly doubled last week, according to figures from Public Health England (PHE). The news is a stark warning about how the Tory easing of the lockdown is putting health at risk.

Schools: a revolt is going on against Tory reopening plans

24 June 2020
New figures show the Tories’ drive to push big numbers of children back to school this month is failing.

Chaotic and unsafe school reopening plan could burst the Tories’ bubble

16 June 2020
Secondary schools across England began opening to wider numbers of children on Monday of this week.

Victory for workers and parents as Tory school plan fails

09 June 2020
The Tories have been forced to drop plans to get all primary school children back into school before the summer term ends.

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