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Solidarity with the People of Turkey conference says no to repression

23 January 2018
Over 300 people came to the Solidarity with the People of Turkey (Spot) conference last Saturday.

Solidarity conference in London against Recep Erdogan’s repression in Turkey

09 January 2018
Solidarity with the People of Turkey is holding a conference on “Turkey under the state of emergency—campaigning to win change!”

International round up: Egypt to put Israel’s man in Gaza?

11 July 2017
Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas met with Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi last Sunday.

Turkish referendum showed problems facing country's authoritarian ruler

23 April 2017
The Turkish referendum result last week showed up the problems facing the increasingly authoritarian president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Turkey’s president wins referendum through force and fraud

18 April 2017
Protesters took to the streets of several Turkish cities last Sunday after authorities declared victory for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a referendum. Also: hunger strike in Palestine, mass protests in Serbia

Will referendum backfire for the Tories’ friend in Turkey?

28 March 2017
A repressive government is holding a biased referendum to increase its powers to silence opposition further—and the Tories are backing them all the way.

Turkey steps up attack on workers in education

14 February 2017
New decree in Turkey gives president Erdogan even greater powers already resulting in mass suspensions and dismissals of workers

Turkish state gets support from Britain despite its brutal crackdown on HDP

08 November 2016
The British government has lined up to support the Turkish state’s brutal assault on democratic rights.

Turkish authorities arrest pro-Kurdish MPs

04 November 2016
Turkish security forces have detained at least 11 MPs from the pro-Kurdish and left-wing Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

Could our rulers ease Syria’s torment? Only by pulling out and leaving it alone

18 October 2016
The Syrian war is an obscenity, a brutal meat-grinder that consumes mainly the innocent. It goes on only because it is in the interest of rival imperialist powers and their local clients and allies.

Turkish and Syrian socialists issue joint statement against intervention

31 August 2016
Revolutionaries demand that Turkey immediately cease military operations in Syria, stop its enmity against the Kurds, and open its borders to refugees.

International news round-up

30 August 2016
Turkish tanks, backed by US air strikes, swept into northern Syria last weekend and attacked Kurdish YPG forces. Meanwhile in India tens of millions of workers were due to hold a nationwide general strike on Friday of this week.

Bomb slaughters Kurds as the Turkish state clamps down

23 August 2016
Kurdish people in Turkey are under assault by Isis and the Turkish state in the aftermath of the failed coup, argues Charlie Kimber

Tug of war in Turkey over coup aftermath

02 August 2016
A battle is taking place in Turkey to decide who will gain in the wake of an attempted military coup last month.

People beat back attempted Turkish military coup but danger lurks ahead

19 July 2016
A coup attempt in Turkey which aimed to remove president Recep Tayyip Erdogan was beaten back by mass mobilisation last weekend.

Socialist Workers Party statement on the Turkish coup

16 July 2016
The Socialist Workers Party joins the people of Turkey in condemning the attempted military coup in that country.

Socialist activist Chris Stephenson acquitted

28 June 2016
Chris Stephenson, a socialist activist in Turkey and lecturer at Istanbul’s Bilgi university, has been acquitted of possessing “propaganda for a terrorist organisation”.

Activist Chris Stephenson to face Turkish court

11 June 2016
Chris Stephenson, socialist activist and lecturer at Istanbul’s Bilgi university, has been charged with possessing “propaganda for a terrorist organisation.”

Turkish turnaround can’t last forever

17 May 2016
I’ve been in Istanbul participating in the Marxism 2016 festival organised by the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSIP). Turkey's politics has undergone an astonishing reversal over the past year.

Tories leave child refugees to rot as protests hit Greek island of Chios

26 April 2016
The government was disgracefully fighting to stop unaccompanied child refugees from being allowed into Britain on Monday of this week.

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