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Kurdish gains of more than a decade are under threat from latest Middle East crisis

01 July 2014
For the region’s Kurdish minority, both sides of the current upheaval stand in the way of liberation, writes Ron Margulies

International round-up

03 June 2014
Barcelona riots halt demolition - Clashes on Gezi Park anniversary - Craigavon Two lose their appeal

Political crisis follows Turkish mining disaster

20 May 2014
The number of miners still missing after the disaster in Turkey remains unknown. 

Political crisis after Turkish mining disaster

16 May 2014
 The number of miners still missing after the disaster in Turkey remains unknown. So far 283 miners have died and the number continues to rise. The government has said that 147 are still in the mine. But even these tragic figures do not add up. That leaves 288 miners unaccounted for, given that the total number of workers in the mine is said to have been 787.

Good result for ruling party hides deep anger in Turkey

01 April 2014
Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP party did well in local elections last week. 

Glasgow vigil for Turkish student Berkin Elvan

18 March 2014
More than 60 people from the Turkish community attended a vigil in Glasgow’s George Square on Thursday of last week in memory of Berkin Elvan. He was only 14 when he went out to buy fresh bread and was caught up in an anti-government protest in Istanbul. 

Death of boy hit by tear gas canister brings rage to streets of Turkey

18 March 2014
The funeral of a young protester has brought anger at the government back onto the streets of Turkey, writes Ron Margulies

Turkey: A volatile cocktail of corruption and conspiracy

21 January 2014
Ron Margulies looks at the government corruption scandal that could open up new opportunities for the left in Turkey

Dogan Tarkan 1948-2013

07 January 2014
Alex Callinicos reflects on the life of a Turkish revolutionary socialist who died last month

‘Taksim Square is normal but the spirit of Gezi haunts the government’

23 July 2013
The demonstrators of Gezi Park now meet in nearly 30 parks across Istanbul and many others in other cities in Turkey. One park has become many.

Movement remembers dead protesters in Turkey

25 June 2013
Thousands of protesters gathered in Istanbul’s Taksim Square last Saturday, carrying carnations to commemorate people who died during recent protests. 

Turkish police try to drown out protests in vicious crackdown

18 June 2013
The occupation of Gezi Park has, for the moment, come to an end.

'Occupation of Taksim Square was a mosaic of anger and ideas'

18 June 2013
A protest that originally set out to save an Istanbul park spread into a movement against the Turkish government. Carol Williams spoke to activists in Taksim Square, in the days before the police destroyed their occupation while Ken Olende looks at the issues raised by the protest

Turkey - the great divide

11 June 2013
The protests that have exploded in Istanbul’s Taksim Square can only be understood by seeing the pressures on Turkey’s rulers that pull them in different directions

Riot cops storm Turkey's Taksim Square

11 June 2013
As police try to remove protesters in Istanbul, Ron Margulies looks at the political make-up of the protests and their growing popularity across Turkey

Solidarity across the world with protests in Turkey

04 June 2013
More than 500 Turkish Londoners and supporters, including many families, gathered opposite Downing Street in central London on Sunday afternoon of last week.

Rage explodes across Turkey

04 June 2013
Police were withdrawn from Istanbul’s main Taksim Square on Saturday of last week, following five days of protests.

Turkey's uprising is against neoliberalism—not ‘Islamism’

04 June 2013
The opposition which found an echo with millions of people across Turkey is not in any way against the government’s alleged “Islamism”.

Mass protests in Turkey inflict a defeat on the government

02 June 2013
The Gezi Park resistance in Turkey is in its sixth day. Protesters there organised a sit-down at the park to protect trees that were set to be cut down. Police launched a barbarous attack on them - but yesterday the government suffered a defeat.

London protest at assassination of Kurds in Paris

12 January 2013
Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Turkish Embassy in central London yesterday, Friday, to protest at the killing of three Kurdish activists in Paris. Workers, students and campaigners united to demand justice. Among the banners were flags from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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