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The Syrian revolution poses a severe test for Turkey's rulers

09 October 2012
The first real sign that the civil war in Syria could spill over into a wider conflict came last week. A series of mortar and artillery exchanges took place across the border between Syria and Turkey.

West wants to control our revolution, says Syrian activist

04 October 2012
"The spotlight is now on Turkey, which is firing artillery rounds into Syria. But I don’t think Turkey is going to escalate. It’s not in their interests, and none of the Arab countries have shown support for this.

Trade unionists protest against Turkish Airlines strike ban

27 July 2012
The Unite union organised a protest today, Friday, outside the Turkish embassy in solidarity with Turkish Airlines workers who have been banned from striking.

Syrian rebels hold strong against Assad's demoralised forces

26 June 2012
The shooting down of a Turkish jet fighter by Syrian forces marks a dramatic turn in the Syrian revolution.

Turkey: Protests for right to abortion

05 June 2012
"I consider abortion to be murder."

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

20 March 2012
This Turkish film about a murder investigation in the Anatolian steppe has been getting rave reviews from the critics.

London demo recalls 34 massacred by the Turkish military

08 February 2012
Kurdish activists and their supporters marched in London yesterday (Tuesday) in protest at a massacre carried out by Turkish government forces.

Turkey: Earthquake highlights oppression of Kurdish minority

25 October 2011
This week an earthquake has killed hundreds in south-eastern Turkey, in and around the Kurdish town of Van.

Turkey election: voters want less military influence

14 June 2011
Why have Turks voted the same party into government three times running?

Diary 3 - Viva Palestina convoy across Turkey and into Syria

07 October 2010
The fifth Viva Palestina convoy from Britain is nearing Gaza. Human rights lawyer and socialist Jim Nichol reports from the convoy:

Turkish vote marks decisive victory

14 September 2010
The referendum for democratising changes to Turkey's constitution has been passed by a higher than expected margin, with 58 percent voting yes.

Gaza aid activists were shot clinically

08 June 2010
The autopsies of the nine dead Turkish activists reveal that they were actively targeted, not hit by chaotic gunfire as Israel alleges.

Mass protests against Israel in Turkey

08 June 2010
In the recent past Turkey has been one of Israel’s closest allies in the Middle East. It is a major destination for Israeli tourists, and there have been a spate of bilateral agreements.

Workers' movements across the Middle East can free Palestine

08 June 2010
Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla is having enormous political ramifications in the Middle East. The assault has exposed some of the social tensions in Egypt and Turkey, two key US allies.

UAF week: pushing back the BNP in Barking

09 March 2010
MondayOrganising meeting with people from the local theatre, trade unionists from the CWU and Unison, students and residents. TuesdayMet women representing Kosovan Albanian, Rwandan, Turkish, Chinese and Asian groups. We agreed to produce leaflets in different languages and speak at a 400-strong Kosovan Albanian meeting.WednesdayAttended a London Metropolitan University lecturers’ meeting. They agreed to organise support. Students there are organising weekly UAF stalls.ThursdayFifty students attended University of East London UAF meeting. The president of the Isla

General strike in Turkey

09 February 2010
Five Turkish trade union federations held a one-day general strike in solidarity with 12,000 Tekel workers on Thursday of last week.

Demonstrate to support Turkey’s Tekel workers

01 February 2010
The Turkish TUC has called a national day of action in support of the ongoing Tekel workers’ action in the capital, Ankara.

Notes from a postal worker in the north: Scabs are the real turkeys

27 October 2009
Have you ever spoken to anyone contemplating suicide? Well, that’s what it feels like when you are trying to persuade someone not to scab on your strike.

Tim: Turkeys at Christmas

09 June 2009

Turkey stops being a ‘reliable friend’ of Israel

27 January 2009
For years the US and Israel have been able to rely on Turkey, a staunch ally of both countries and a key power in the Nato military alliance. But Israel’s war on Gaza has now thrown that relationship into turmoil.

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