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Bush goes a' Fox hunting

09 November 2002
ANOTHER EXAMPLE emerged last week of how the US has been using threats and bribes to get United Nations backing for war on Iraq. George Bush recently met with Mexico's president, Vicente Fox, to try to firm up his support for an attack.

Callous deals that shape debate on war

02 November 2002
WHATEVER THE ups and downs of media coverage, the planned war on Iraq remains top of the Bush administration's agenda. Once the United States went to the United Nations Security Council for authority to attack Iraq the immediate drama went out of the story. There have been weeks of negotiations over the text of a resolution.

Anti-war protests spread across US

26 October 2002
"A RISING tide of student activism. A burgeoning national anti-war movement that is gaining momentum by the day." That was a recent description of US protests against war on Iraq in the Washington Post.

A band that puts Marxism to music

26 October 2002
MANIC STREET Preachers have been one of the most controversial and political bands of the past decade. October sees the release of their "greatest hits" album, Forever Delayed. There is much that disappoints about the Manics these days. Their upcoming national tour is sponsored by Carling and the tickets are expensive. The band also seems to be keeping quiet over war on Iraq when other bands like Massive Attack and Blur support the anti-war movement.

Make 31 October a day of mass protests

26 October 2002
GEORGE BUSH IS as determined as ever to attack Iraq. Some newspapers last week claimed a United Nations (UN) deal had averted war. But despite all the manoeuvring at the UN Bush is preparing to attack Iraq. Last week the US continued its huge build-up of weapons in the Gulf. US troops are pouring through the Suez Canal in Egypt. One ship carrying fighter jets has arrived in the Persian Gulf, and another is heading there.

Make 31 Oct a day to stop war

19 October 2002
GEORGE W Bush's press secretary said last week, "If the UN fails to act against Iraq we will work with our coalition." There is only one leader who the White House can point to as loyally backing the war drive - Tony Blair. It would be a great blow against war if Blair had to pull back from supporting Bush.

Don't believe Bush and Blair's lies about war

19 October 2002
1. "THE THREAT comes from Iraq. It is a great danger to our nation." George Bush

When banks get in debt

19 October 2002
THE WORLD media's attention has been so focused on George W Bush's plans to attack Iraq that little notice has been taken of the fact that the global economic crisis is getting worse. Take the three biggest economies – the US, Japan and Germany.

Nottingham school celebrates anti-deportation victory for Daoud family

19 October 2002
AN EMOTIONAL meeting of over 100 people in a Nottingham school celebrated a rare victory over David Blunkett and the Home Office last week. An Iraqi family seeking asylum in Britain, Jamil and Sara Daoud, and their four children, Majid (age 11), Hoda (nine), Mostafa (six) and Marwa (four), have beaten back a threat of deportation and are back in Nottingham.

Inside the system

19 October 2002
Bush's battalion of blunderers THE US might have the most sophisticated military hardware in the world, but its military intelligence remains a contradiction in terms. The US army's 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, known as "psy-ops", is just back from Afghanistan and preparing for Iraq. Its job is to sell "brand America" and undermine enemy morale.

European Social Forum: join the festival of resistance

19 October 2002
AROUND 200 European activists gathered in Barcelona two weekends ago to make final preparations for the European Social Forum (ESF) in Florence from 6 to 9 November. The ESF will be a festival of resistance. Every aspect of the new movements will be debated out at huge meetings, self organised seminars and workshops. The assembly in Barcelona agreed that the main demonstration in Florence on Saturday 9 November should focus against an attack on Iraq.


19 October 2002
Guarantee on NHS is a con TONY BLAIR'S speech at the Labour Party conference was hailed by the media as brilliant. The best description would be "a bunch of lies" – and not just about Iraq or Palestine. As someone who works in cancer care, I was outraged when Blair used the government's "achievements" in this area to show how well the NHS is doing. Blair told the Labour delegates, "Listen to this story of a woman who has breast cancer who saw a consultant within two weeks. Saw him because now every urgent patient suspected of cancer has to be seen within two weeks. Treated within four weeks because that is now the maximum time for breast cancer treatment. Five years

Build for 31 October everywhere

12 October 2002
THE MASSIVE demonstration against war on Iraq surpassed everyone's expectations in its size, unity and spirit.Lindsey German, the convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, spoke to us about what the anti-war movement plans next.

Bush's plan means military occupation

12 October 2002
THE US and Britain want war on Iraq no matter what. That is the only possible meaning of the resolution which the US and Britain want to bribe and bully the rest of the United Nations (UN) Security Council into accepting.

Iraq: the deadly oil carve up

12 October 2002
Bush wants war within weeks...with Blair in tow

What a day it was!

12 October 2002
AS YOUNG people who live in the north of England in a small town called Burnley, it seems near impossible to get our voices heard on anything in the world. Feelings of helplessness and uselessness are always associated with our concern for Palestinians, or any other oppressed people. But the "Don't attack Iraq" demonstration gave us a voice we've never had before and helped us to conquer these feelings of helplessness.

Armed, dangerous but not all-powerful

12 October 2002
GEORGE BUSH has the military power to smash Iraq easily. But for all his attempts to pose as an all-powerful president, he is a very nervous man. One week he talks about regime change, the next he is doing deals to get UN backing for war, and now he talks of building a coalition.

When the US fought alongside Saddam Hussein

12 October 2002
THE WARMONGERS would have us believe that Saddam Hussein is a uniquely evil dictator who they have always opposed. In fact he is the product of four decades of intervention in Iraq and the Middle East, first by both superpowers during the Cold War, and then by the US and its allies. He could not have come to power without the West.

Britain's biggest anti-war march

05 October 2002
HUNDREDS OF thousands of people took over central London last Saturday to march against war on Iraq and for freedom for Palestine. The size of the demonstration stunned many people. Marchers waited around four hours to leave Embankment, while speakers at the end rally were already addressing demonstrators as they poured into Hyde Park. Thousands more joined splinter demonstrations that spilled out into other parts of central London, including a march up Oxford Street.

How leaders tried to stifle war debate

05 October 2002
A HARD anti-war position was very nearly voted for at the Labour Party's conference in Blackpool on Monday of this week. If just a few big unions had changed their votes then Bush's most trusted ally, Tony Blair, would have had his war policy totally rejected by his own party. Some 40 percent of the conference voted to totally reject any military action against Iraq.

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