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The US hawks who sucked up to Saddam

10 August 2002
THE US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld is a key figure leading the charge for war against Iraq. He says Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is a monster who has to be stopped by US military might.

Governments' war is breaking the law

10 August 2002
THE US and Britain are trying to present themselves as the champions of freedom and democracy as they threaten war on Iraq. But both countries are locking people up indefinitely without charge and denying them any right to protest.

War looming but opposition grows

10 August 2002
ANOTHER OPINION poll in Britain last week showed the shock and anger many people feel at George Bush's rush to start a war on Iraq. Some 91 percent of Daily Mirror readers said in a phone poll that they were against the war. The paper has run several articles critical of an attack on Iraq and the war on Afghanistan. "Mr Blair will next month face one of the biggest anti-war protests in Britain for years," said the Mirror last week. Protesters will mass in London on 28 September. A string of Stop the War Coalition events will be held over the next few weeks."

Sign up for anti-capitalism in Florence

10 August 2002
THE RIGHT wing axis of Blair, Berlusconi and Aznar has united to drive privatisation policies through Europe. Now Blair hopes to turn their axis into one that backs the US war. Even Germany's leader Gerhard Schršder has come out against the war on Iraq. These two issues, war and privatisation, are at the centre of the European Social Forum which is being held in Florence, Italy, in November.

Mad logic of US global dominance

10 August 2002
WHY IS George Bush so hell bent on a war on Iraq? The US devastated Iraq in a war 11 years ago. US-backed economic sanctions have already killed 500,000 Iraqi children, according to Unicef. A US war on Iraq risks destabilising the Middle East and sparking wider wars. It looks mad, but behind Bush's crazy logic stands his desire to have a war to assert US dominance around the globe.

Build the movement to stop war on Iraq

03 August 2002
"IT COULD not be clearer. George Bush is going ahead with his invasion of Iraq. Tony Blair is his closest ally in this deadly operation. Blair has, according to some newspaper reports, already agreed to back the US. He plans to avoid a vote in parliament and wants to pretend that most people in Britain agree with him.

Preaching for peace

03 August 2002
HAVE YOU ever given a future Archbishop of Canterbury a lift home from an anti-war event? Perhaps not-unless you were in South Wales some five years ago. There you could have seen bishop Rowan Williams leave a meeting against the bombing of Iraq and calmly accept sharing a car with several Socialist Workers Party members.

Millions wasted on war

03 August 2002
GEORGE W Bush and Tony Blair are gearing up for a bloody war against Iraq as early as this October. These plans threaten to split society from top to bottom. The latest US war plan was leaked last week. It involves blasting Iraq with bombing raids and cruise missiles, causing civilian casualties and destruction on an unimaginable scale.

'The time to stop the war on Iraq is now'

27 July 2002
IN AMERICA we say, "Don't let friends drive drunk." There is a drunk at the wheel of American foreign policy. Friends of America must stand up and stop the madness, and take away the key driving the American machine towards war.

Mobilise to stop beat of war drum

20 July 2002
GEORGE BUSH is beating the drum of war louder as financial scandals sweep the US. He has brought forward a meeting with his loyal manservant Tony Blair to discuss attacking Iraq. Leaked papers from the US military talk of deploying 250,000 troops in the Middle East to launch a full scale invasion.

Document shows US plans attack on Iraq

13 July 2002
GEORGE BUSH is still planning a massive military invasion of Iraq. A classified document, drawn up by top US military planners, has revealed that the US plans to send 250,000 US soldiers and marines to invade Iraq. When revulsion grew at the prospect of a war on Iraq, we were told that Tony Blair had restrained Bush and there would be no war.


22 June 2002
AROUND 100 people attended the Stop the War Coalition activists' conference in central London last Sunday. Activists from 25 local Stop the War Coalition groups discussed continuing to organise against the so called "war on terror" and the US's plans for an attack on Iraq.

Stop the War Coalition

15 June 2002
EVERYONE WHO wants to organise against the war drive is invited to attend a Stop the War Coalition activists conference. Speakers include writer and broadcaster Tariq Ali and Jeremy Corbyn MP. There will be workshops on Iraq, Palestine, South Asia, Afghanistan, producing publicity and using the media, building local groups, fundraising and much more.

Palestine solidarity

11 May 2002
HUNDREDS OF people across Britain demonstrated in solidarity with the Palestinians over bank holiday weekend. The "Justice for Palestine-hands off Iraq" demonstration filled Sheffield city centre last Saturday. It was 2, 000-strong at its height, with lots of people joining in the march as it went along.

Iraq: the US won't take yes for an answer

11 May 2002
THE US is preparing to attack Iraq no matter how many United Nations weapons inspectors Saddam Hussein allows in. US Secretary of State Colin Powell said last week, "US policy is that, regardless of what the inspectors do, the people of Iraq and the people of the region would be better off with a different regime in Baghdad.


04 May 2002
OVER 450 people crammed into a Stop the War Coalition meeting in the Gladstone Hotel in Liverpool on Thursday of last week. The meeting condemned the threat of attacks on Iraq. It was sponsored by playwright Jimmy McGovern, Mirror columnist Brain Reade, Liverpool NUT and NUJ branches, and the Merseyside Peace Council.

Coming Events

27 April 2002
Saturday 27 April No to war on Iraq, justice for Palestine. Demonstrate, 11am, George Square, Glasgow. Speakers include George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan. Called by Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War.

'Turn May Day into our day' – unite resistance to privatisation and war

13 April 2002
A call has gone out to trade unionists to "Make May Day our day". The appeal is from former Labour MP Tony Benn, and Mark Serwotka, general secretary elect of the PCS civil servants' union. It slams New Labour's privatisation plans and anti trade union laws. It also points out how the government's war plans against Iraq are opposed by the majority of the population.

Stop the war: blood buddies Bush and Blair

06 April 2002
Tony Blair planned to jet off to Texas this week to meet US president George Bush and prepare for a new war against Iraq. Such a war would unleash death and destruction on an even greater scale than the murder and chaos the US and Britain are still inflicting on Afghanistan. The US is already building up its troop levels in the Gulf region on an unprecedented scale.

Revolt at war

06 April 2002
Thousands marched through central London on Saturday as part of CND's "Don't Start Wars" protest. Many carried placards denouncing war with Iraq, while others carried Palestinian flags. Socialist Worker sellers petitioned demonstrators calling for justice for Palestine. Well over 800 copies of Socialist Worker were sold, with over 40 people joining the Socialist Workers Party.

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