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Leaked video tells brutal Iraq truth

06 April 2010
The video is graphic and disturbing and we weren’t meant to see it.

Contempory Art Iraq

06 April 2010
This exhibition showcases works of modern art from Iraq made since the occupation began in 2003.

Prisoner deaths at the hands of British troops in Iraq

30 March 2010
The Labour government lied about the deaths of Iraqis held by British troops.

Our government lied about torture in Iraq

30 March 2010
The media has largely ignored evidence of British military torture used in Iraq, despite 47 claims of abuse against the government going before the courts.

Green Zone: an arrogant movie that justifies American wars

16 March 2010
Hollywood has a revisionist narrative for every war – like the myth that the US single-handedly won the Second World War.

Shocking birth defects in Fallujah

09 March 2010
Children in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are still being born with severe birth defects.

Inquiry into torture claims begins

09 March 2010
An inquiry into allegations that British soldiers tortured and killed people in Iraq began this week.

US war machine keeps lurching on

16 February 2010
Soon after the invasion of Iraq, the journalist and academic Anatol Lieven wrote that the run-up to the war had "a peculiarly nightmarish quality in the US.

Quotes from the week’s news

09 February 2010
"There’s always got to be a scandal as to why you hold your view."Tony Blair explains why people are so upset about the Iraq war in an interview on Fox News

Blair: No regrets and I’d bomb Iran

02 February 2010
"The decision I took—and frankly would take again—was if there was any possibility that he could develop weapons of mass destruction we should stop him.

Tony Blair’s judgement day starts at Chilcot inquiry

29 January 2010
Hundreds of people protested outside the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war this morning as Tony Blair arrived to give evidence.

Anti-war rally on eve of London protests

27 January 2010
Three days of activity against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began with a 200-strong public meeting in central London tonight, Wednesday.

Attempt to ban protest outside Tony Blair’s appearance at Iraq inquiry

26 January 2010
The government is attempting to prevent a legitimate peaceful protest outside the QEII conference centre on 29 January when Tony Blair gives evidence to the Iraq inquiry.

Chilcot whitewash brings out the dirt

26 January 2010
The Chilcot inquiry was set up to whitewash the Labour government’s lies over the 2003 Iraq war. But it isn’t all going to plan.

Blair and Brown have blood on their hands

26 January 2010
The real legacy of the war in Iraq has been exposed this week.

Tony Blair is guilty of mass murder

26 January 2010
Sabah Jawad from Iraqi Democrats Against the Occupation

Don’t worry, the ‘murdering maniacs’ are on the way

19 January 2010
Among the thousands of US troops arriving in Haiti is the 82nd airborne division – more commonly known as "the murdering maniacs" because of their torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners, including those held at Abu Ghraib.

Make Tony Blair’s day at Iraq inquiry a nightmare

19 January 2010
A storm of protest will welcome warmonger Tony Blair on Friday 29 January when he attends the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq.

Activists’ diary

19 January 2010
Wednesday 27 JanuaryAfghanistan – why we should get out, Stop the War/CND public meeting, 7pm, Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1H 9DB.Thursday 28 JanuaryBlockade Gordon Brown’s Afghanistan war conference. Called by Stop the War and CND. Assemble 8.30am, Lancaster House, Stable Yard, St James’s, London SW1A 1BB. Friday 29 January Tony Blair’s Judgement Day at the Iraq inquiry from 8am. Stop the War protest, QE2 Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster SW1P 3EE.Saturday 30 JanuaryRight to Work conference of resistance and

Outrageous result of Blackwater mercenaries murder case in US

06 January 2010
A US court has thrown out the case of five US mercenaries who confessed to shooting Iraqi civilians in September 2007.

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