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17 November 2009

Iraqi asylum seekers face violence on Baghdad flight

20 October 2009
Iraqi asylum seekers are speaking out after suffering racism, violence and cock-ups on a deportation flight.

Inquiry into Baha Mousa's death reveals army's culture of torture

20 October 2009
Baha Mousa died within 36 hours of being taken into British military custody during a raid on a hotel in Basra, Iraq, on 14 September 2003.

Violence continues in Iraq

13 October 2009
Iraq has been rocked by a series of blasts that have killed scores of people. The latest, which took place in Ramadi, the capital of the Anbar province, targeted a meeting between the Awakening Councils, insurgents who switched sides to become key US allies and the Iraqi military.

Missile defence: Obama won’t drop US domination

22 September 2009
Is Barack Obama’s decision to cancel the deployment of missile defence in central and eastern Europe another sign of how the US has been weakened by the Iraq disaster? In a very obvious sense, yes.

Mercenaries in Iraq: big profits for private forces

25 August 2009
ArmorGroup is just one of the "private security" contractors that have descended on Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. These companies have won millions of pounds of contracts from the US and Britain, and private firms, to provide "security" in Iraq.

Battle over trial of British mercenary in Iraq

25 August 2009
The case of Daniel Fitzsimons, a former British soldier facing the death penalty in Iraq, reveals a lot about the chaotic hell in which that country is mired.

US right is telling unhealthy lies

18 August 2009
The wonderful people who brought you the invasion of Iraq certainly took Joseph Goebbels’ principle of "the bigger the lie the better" to heart.

Violence surges in Iraq as US loses past allies

11 August 2009
Former allies of US occupation forces are the driving force behind a renewed wave of sectarian violence in Iraq.

Honduras: An imperial coup

04 August 2009
Imperialism is a term often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is less frequently used in the context of Latin America, where the roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are more often considered features of "globalisation" or "neo-colonialism".

Iraq inquiry aims to let warmongers off the hook

04 August 2009
In mid-June Gordon Brown announced that there would be a "non-judgmental", behind-closed-doors inquiry into the Iraq war, conducted by hand-picked insiders.


28 July 2009

Tension growing over Iraq

21 July 2009
The US military is finding the Iraqi interpretation of its Status of Forces Agreement a little hard to swallow.

Truth behind Britain’s torture of Iraqi prisoners

14 July 2009
Shocking images of British soldiers abusing Iraqi civilians were shown for the first time at the start of a public inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa.

We Don’t Want Them - Lowkey

14 July 2009
British-Iraqi rapper Lowkey penned this hard‑hitting assault on the British National Party (BNP) in response to their election to the European parliament.

Iraq occupation is not over

30 June 2009
Iraqis greeted the withdrawal of US troops from their cities this week by dancing in the streets.

Open letter responses: 'We can win support'

30 June 2009
‘The collapse of the Labour vote did not come as a surprise to me. Since the start of the war in Iraq, Labour’s popularity has fallen among its traditional voters.

David Aaronovitch: Cover-ups, collusion and conspiracies

23 June 2009
In 2003 the political commentator David Aaronovitch wrote these words on the Iraq war and the search for the weapons of mass destruction supposedly held by the regime:

Who’s who in Iran

23 June 2009
Ayatollah Khomeini – Cleric who rose to power in the 1979 revolution. Supreme leader until his death in 1989.Ali Khamenei – A key figure in the revolution and Iran’s president from 1981-9. He became supreme leader following Khomeini’s death. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Won the 2005 elections, and was declared winner of the 2009 elections. He rose through the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards during the war with Iraq.Mohammad Khatami – Considered the figurehead of the reform movement. Won the 1997 presidential elections and was re-elected in 2001. Although popular, he is widely seen as faili

Behind Iran’s rising

23 June 2009
The Iran that emerged after its long and bloody war with Iraq in 1988 was not one envisoned by those who rose to power after the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

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