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28 July 2009

Tension growing over Iraq

21 July 2009
The US military is finding the Iraqi interpretation of its Status of Forces Agreement a little hard to swallow.

Truth behind Britain’s torture of Iraqi prisoners

14 July 2009
Shocking images of British soldiers abusing Iraqi civilians were shown for the first time at the start of a public inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa.

We Don’t Want Them - Lowkey

14 July 2009
British-Iraqi rapper Lowkey penned this hard‑hitting assault on the British National Party (BNP) in response to their election to the European parliament.

Open letter responses: 'We can win support'

30 June 2009
‘The collapse of the Labour vote did not come as a surprise to me. Since the start of the war in Iraq, Labour’s popularity has fallen among its traditional voters.

Iraq occupation is not over

30 June 2009
Iraqis greeted the withdrawal of US troops from their cities this week by dancing in the streets.

Demand more from Iraq inquiry

23 June 2009
The row over the transparency, or otherwise, of the inquiry into the war on Iraq has exposed the continuing influence of Tony Blair on the Labour Party – and the weakness of Gordon Brown.

David Aaronovitch: Cover-ups, collusion and conspiracies

23 June 2009
In 2003 the political commentator David Aaronovitch wrote these words on the Iraq war and the search for the weapons of mass destruction supposedly held by the regime:

Who’s who in Iran

23 June 2009
Ayatollah Khomeini – Cleric who rose to power in the 1979 revolution. Supreme leader until his death in 1989.Ali Khamenei – A key figure in the revolution and Iran’s president from 1981-9. He became supreme leader following Khomeini’s death. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Won the 2005 elections, and was declared winner of the 2009 elections. He rose through the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards during the war with Iraq.Mohammad Khatami – Considered the figurehead of the reform movement. Won the 1997 presidential elections and was re-elected in 2001. Although popular, he is widely seen as faili

Behind Iran’s rising

23 June 2009
The Iran that emerged after its long and bloody war with Iraq in 1988 was not one envisoned by those who rose to power after the overthrow of the Shah in 1979.

Protest at parliament against holding Iraq enquiry in private

22 June 2009
The Stop the War Coalition has called a protest outside parliament at 2pm this Wednesday, demanding "No Whitewash, No Cover Up", in the Iraq enquiry.

Iraq war inquiry to be kept secret

16 June 2009
Anti-war campaigners protested on Monday as Gordon Brown announced that the government’s inquiry into the Iraq war will be held in secret.

Eyewitness to the wreckage of Iraq

09 June 2009
When you step out on the streets of Baghdad you notice immediately that all is not right in Iraq.

The agony of occupation

09 June 2009
You’re probably best known as a writer for Casualty and the musical drama Blackpool. Occupation is a long way from that. What made you decide to write a drama about British troops in Iraq?

Iraq occupation leaves a trail of lies and misery

05 May 2009
The end of the British occupation of southern Iraq was accompanied with the usual pomp and circumstance.

Baghdad Of The Mind

21 April 2009
Before the rise of Saddam Hussein and the Iraq war, Baghdad was a city of learning and culture, which inspired poets, writers and artists across the world.

Former US allies in Iraq become its enemies

14 April 2009
The faultlines in Iraq are deepening as the country marks six years of occupation.

US plans in danger as Iraq deal falls apart

07 April 2009
One of the central planks of the US strategy to pacify Iraq has begun to unravel – just as it prepares to draw down its troops from the country.

Protesters tell G20 leaders end the 'war on terror'

01 April 2009
Some 5,000 people joined the anti-war demonstration in central London on Wednesday to call for troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, freedom for Palestine, and an end to nuclear weapons.

Iraq: British troops withdrawal does not mean peace

31 March 2009
The British occupation forces in southern Iraq passed military command of the region to the US Army this week.

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