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Cummings’ PR mates keep getting lucrative contracts

Cummings’ PR mates keep getting lucrative contracts A lobbying and PR firm co-founded by an ally of Dominic Cummings has been given two government contracts without competitive tenders during the pandemic.

After the election, keep up the fight against Tory rule

After the election, keep up the fight against Tory rule In a bitter blow the Tories have won a substantial majority in parliament after Thursday’s general election.

Election round-up—Lib Dems use EU to cosy up to favourite Tories

Election round-up—Lib Dems use EU to cosy up to favourite Tories Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader, has claimed her party could take hundreds of seats at the general election.

Letters—Progressive groups listed on cop ‘counter-terror’ list

Letters—Progressive groups listed on cop ‘counter-terror’ list  A counter-terrorism document giving advice to workers includes left wing groups in its safeguarding bulletin—alongside proscribed terrorist organisations.

Jo Swinson’s Liberal landslide

Jo Swinson’s Liberal landslide Jo Swinson was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats on Monday. She took more than 47,000 votes while her rival Ed Davey secured 28,000.

Anti-Tory vote was no revolt of Remainers

13 June 2017
Some right wingers and liberals are trying to paint the election result as the revenge of Remain voters who want to stay in the European Union (EU).

The Lib Dems aren’t progressive - they’re opportunists on the side of the bosses

02 May 2017
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is trying hard to rebrand the party’s image after it jumped into bed with David Cameron.

Don’t make alliances with the right wing

25 April 2017
The idea of a “progressive alliance” is back in fashion. It has been supported both by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Politics is ripe for satire—so why is TV falling short?

28 April 2015
If one thing is proving predictable about the general election, it’s the tedium.

Politicians unite in bigotry against migrants

05 August 2014
David Cameron and Tory home secretary Theresa May posed for TV cameras last week in a house that the UK Border Agency had just raided.

Lib Dems attempt face-saving U-turn on bedroom tax

22 July 2014
The coalition might have hoped to bury a new report on the impact of the bedroom tax by releasing it on the same day as a headline-grabbing reshuffle.

Coalition humiliated after big poll losses

27 May 2014
The government crashed in the elections. But the vote hasn’t gone to the left, writes Simon Basketter

Did Ukip win votes from each mainstream party?

27 May 2014
More than half of Ukip’s supporters in the European elections came from disenfranchised Tory voters, a poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft has found.

Local elections show disillusionment with establishment parties

23 May 2014
The government took a drubbing in the local elections. The Tories and Liberal Democrats crashed. But the anger hasn’t gone to the left. 

Coalition in the air

14 January 2014
You wouldn’t think the general election was still over a year away from the behaviour of the main parties. 

Protests pile on pressure to scrap the bedroom tax

17 September 2013
Politicians in all three parties are struggling under fire to contain the opposition to the bedroom tax.

Lib Dems keep on digging

17 September 2013
The Liberal Democrats struggled to put a brave face on their ongoing decline at their annual conference in Glasgow this week.

Ethical Lib Dems offer a new way to sell arms

10 September 2013
Vince Cable’s business department is finding new ways to flog arms around the world. 

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