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Black Panthers

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’ Fifty years ago prisoners in a US jail exploded in revolt. Sam Ord looks at the resistance—and the state’s revenge

How the FBI killed the ‘black messiah’ Fred Hampton

How the FBI killed the ‘black messiah’ Fred Hampton Judas and the Black Messiah tells the true story of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. It captures the spirit of a revolutionary

The Black Panthers and the revenge of the revolution

The Black Panthers and the revenge of the revolution In a packed hall in downtown Chicago in 1969 Black Panther founder Bobby Seale stood alongside local leader Fred Hampton. He was making a speech to a newly established district of the party.

Is Akon City Black Power forever?

Is Akon City Black Power forever? Rapper Akon plans to build a new city where black people can escape racism. But, as Yuri Prasad writes, any system based on riches for a few means oppression will remain

United States—a history of revolts against racism

United States—a history of revolts against racism Alongside a terrible history of vicious racism in the US, there is a tradition of militant anti-racism. Yuri Prasad looks back at when black and white people have fought back together against the system

Seberg misses a wider radical picture

Seberg misses a wider radical picture As a bloody battle between Black Power and the US state raged in the late sixties, the movement enlisted some unlikely allies

Black Panther raises tough arguments about liberation

15 February 2018
Marvel’s latest superhero film stands out for its proud portrayal of African people—but it draws some uncomfortable conclusions

Soul of a Nation exhibition paints a bold picture of Black Power

17 July 2017
A powerful new exhibition at Tate Modern brings together the work of black artists from across decades of struggle in the US, writes Harold Wilson

New TV drama Guerrilla celebrates a hidden history of united anti-racist struggle

11 April 2017
The show portrays the Black Power movement in Britain and the state’s quest to crush it—and it’s well worth watching, writes Moyra Samuels

Fresh footage brings to life the Black Panthers’ struggle

20 October 2015
The Black Panthers—Vanguard of the Revolution documentary captures the party’s sense of revolt but doesn’t duck its problems, writes Ken Olende

International round-up

16 June 2015
Former Black Panther's release delayed; Guantanamo bay detainees let out; Israel find itself not guilt of war crimes

The assassination of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton

02 December 2014
Fred Hampton, leader of the Black Panther Party in Illinois, was gunned down by police on 4 December 1969. He was just 21.

Assata Shakur: fighting to end the system, not for a position within it

02 September 2014
The FBI’s most wanted list of terrorists contains two non-Muslims. One is Assata Shakur, originally called Joanne Chesimard, escaped from a US prison in 1979 and has been on the run ever since.

International round-up

11 March 2014
International Women's Day protests defend abortion rights in Spain | Anger after Nazi knifings in Sweden | Freed ex-Black Panther criticises trial | Clashes continue in Venezuela

Ex-Black Panther Eddie Conway is free at last

11 March 2014
Former Black Panther Eddie Conway has been released after almost 44 years in prison. 

Framed Panther freed after 41 years—just in time to die

08 October 2013
Herman Wallace, who served 41 years in solitary confinement as one of the Angola 3, died three days after being released last week.

Black Panthers for unity

01 October 2013
The Black Panthers didn’t stop at fighting racism. Ken Olende looks at their evolving line on sexism, homophobia and class

Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975: A militant fight against racism brought to life

08 November 2011
Brian Richardson says the film Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 offers a unique look at the Black Panther Party

Geronimo Pratt, former political prisoner and Black Panther, dies

07 June 2011
Former political prisoner and Black Panther Geronimo Pratt died last week aged 63. He is believed to have died of natural causes in Tanzania where he had settled and worked as a human rights activist.

The Angola Three: Bound, gagged and jailed in the land of the free

30 March 2010
Former Black Panther Robert King spoke to Ken Olende about his life in prison—the basis for a new film

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