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Care homes ‘managed death’ in first wave of virus

06 October 2020
The full horror wreaked upon care homes during coronavirus has been revealed by a new Amnesty International report. 

Rehab workers in Wigan begin tens days of strikes for pay equality

22 September 2020
Alcohol and drug rehabworkers in Wigan and Leigh launched a ten-day walkout on Monday in their long-running fight for pay equality.

Care workers celebrate court victory over low pay

16 September 2020
A group of care workers have won a significant legal victory that ruled they should be paid for time spent travelling between clients

Women’s lives are forgotten in pandemic

10 August 2020
As schools are forced to close and childcare becomes less available the pressure on women as primary caregivers to children has greatly increased.Sarah Bates looks at why this is and talks to those bearing the brunt of this crisis

Tories’ dodgy tests will only spell more misery

03 August 2020
The government is suggesting a second Covid-19 wave is about to hit Britain—but they aren’t doing nearly enough to prepare properly for a new onslaught.

Tory government responsible for highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe

30 July 2020
England has had “the longest continuous period of excess mortality” and “the highest levels of excess mortality” in Europe.

Make rich pay for care

28 July 2020
The Tories are looking to any avenue to solve the crisis in adult social care—without taxing the rich.

Tories’ care home lies

07 July 2020
 Tory prime minister Boris Johnson has begun the process of passing the blame for the coronavirus crisis. 

Residents pay more for failed care + new threats to homeless people

09 June 2020
Coronavirus has ripped through adult social care.

Derby care homes saved + BT terms fight + NHS safety scandals

01 June 2020
In the face of a union campaign and mounting public pressure, Derbyshire county council last week announced a reversal of plans to close seven care homes in the county.

Devastating critique of SNP and care homes

25 May 2020
Police are investigating the deaths of three women at a care home at the centre of a coronavirus outbreak on the Isle of Skye.

It will take a fight to save hundreds of jobs at JCB

19 May 2020
Digger maker JCB has said that up to 950 jobs are at risk at its ten plants in Staffordshire, Derbyshire, and Wrexham in north Wales.

Tories are still leaving care home residents to die

14 May 2020
Government coronavirus failures in social care continue to endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of service users and workers.

Workplace action must be central to fight 

28 April 2020
Worker's Memorial Day on Tuesday showed there is bitterness and anger among the working class about how people have been treated during this crisis.

Cuts and Covid-19 are a deadly cocktail for social care

26 April 2020
The death toll from the coronavirus in care homes is a scandal, yet workers’ demands for safety measures are still being ignored, reports Sarah Bates

Action is needed to win council workers’ pay rise +Merthyr victory + Dundee carers

21 April 2020
Local government employers in England and Wales last week offered just a 2.75 percent pay rise for over a million workers for 2020-21.

Coronavirus death toll is far higher than Tories announced

14 April 2020
Hundreds of people have already died in care homes, yet they are not being counted towards national daily totals. 

Privatised care services are putting people at risk

12 April 2020
Vulnerable people in social care are left at a heightened risk of coronavirus because of the failures of local government bosses, private care providers and national government

Half a million people with serious conditions left off 'extremely vulnerable' list

12 April 2020
The government list of “extremely vulnerable people” who need maximum protection and extra support during the coronavirus crisis has missed off over half a million people.

Thousands of older people and workers at risk of virus in care homes

09 April 2020
Care workers are speaking out after pressure mounts on them to deliver critical frontline services amid high levels of staff sickness, unsafe conditions and resident deaths. 

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