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Cambo—how the state greases the wheels of profit

Cambo—how the state greases the wheels of profit Why do politicians look set to allow a new oil drill off the coast of Scotland?

Oil and gas firms lobbying for the military in Myanmar

Oil and gas firms lobbying  for the military in Myanmar Oil and gas firms are pressing governments hard not to impose any measures on Myanmar that might hurt their profits.

Shell’s links with murder in Nigeria aren’t forgotten

Shell’s links with murder in Nigeria aren’t forgotten Twenty five years ago this week nine protest leaders in Nigeria were executed who were fighting environmental destruction caused by fossil fuel giant Shell.

Oil firms taken to task in Devil Has a Name 

Oil firms taken to task in Devil Has a Name  The star-studded drama can’t quite decide what kind of film it wants to be. But Simon Basketter says it’s enjoyable watching it try to work it out 

Oil workers say the system is rigged against green jobs

Oil workers say the system is rigged against green jobs Large numbers of offshore workers want green industries and jobs. They can deliver change—but they are ignored by those at the top, reports Sarah Bates 

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war A long-running border dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan has flared up with some of the heaviest fighting in four years.

Arctic oil spill means environmental catastrophe

07 June 2020
The destruction in Norilsk, Russia, is shaped by the connected issues of climate change and the profiteering interests of private companies.

Extinction Rebellion targets Barclays bank, the fossil fuel funder

07 May 2020
Activists have taken their anger at the climate crisis straight to one of the drivers of the ecological catastrophe

Oil prices becoming ‘negative’ is a sign of more financial chaos to come

21 April 2020
On Monday night the price of West Texas Intermediate oil, used as a benchmark in oil pricing, plunged by over 300 percent to almost minus $40 dollars a barrel.

Capitalism—a system rigged for oil

11 February 2020
Multinational bosses plan to keep pumping out more oil and gas—despite climate catastrophe. Sarah Bates looks at why we have to keep fossil fuels in the ground and why the industry is so central to how capitalism operates

The Troublemaker—Boris Johnson pays for flight but Mr Burns goes for free

29 January 2019
Boris Johnson was happy to take a £14,000 gift in travel and hospitality from the Saudi Arabian government last autumn, which he declared in his financial interests.

North Sea oil workers stage strikes to defend rotas

14 August 2018
North Sea oil rig workers struck for 12 hours on Monday and a 24-hour strike is planned for Monday 20 August.

Strike means Total shut down of rigs

07 August 2018
Workers began a 24-hour strike on three of energy multinational Total’s North Sea oil platforms.

Reports round-up: Ambulance strike, Oil walkouts, Living Wage strikes and more

24 July 2018
Chagossians—people exiled from their homes on the island of Chagos in 1966—held a two-day protest in Trafalgar Square last weekend (see above).

Chopper close shave shows why offshore workers' fight for safety is needed

10 January 2017
A helicopter shuttling workers between the Elgin and West Franklin platforms ran into difficulties resulting in the chopper coming inches away from falling into the sea, an offshore worker writes

Ballot on rigs as oil barons on attack again

25 October 2016
Oil and gas industry workers covered by the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) agreement are holding a consultative ballot on the latest insulting deal from employers.

Strike on North Sea oil rigs suspended for more talks

16 August 2016
A series of strikes by outsourced Wood Group workers on Shell North Sea offshore platforms, set to begin on Wednesday, were suspended by the Unite and RMT unions.

Wood Group oil workers escalate action over pay on Shell North Sea platforms

09 August 2016
An oil workers’ strike in the North Sea shows how to beat the energy bosses, reports?Raymie Kiernan

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses

29 July 2016
Offshore oil workers have a tough life—and to keep up profits bosses are out to make it even tougher. But a new wave of strikes could put a stop to that. Raymie Kiernan spoke to trade unionists organising on the North Sea rigs

‘Our North Sea oil strike is for safety and is solid'

26 July 2016
Money-grabbing bosses claim they must make cuts—but workers aren’t buying it

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