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Scottish National Party

Hope deserves more than the Scottish National Party

28 April 2015
Two rallies in Glasgow reveal the radical mood behind the rise of the Scottish National Party—and a swing to the left that a socialist alternative could build on, reports Raymie Kiernan

We deserve better - so let's vote for it

28 April 2015
Britain’s political terrain is shifting. Neither of the two main parties can be sure of gaining enough support to win the general election outright.

Trouble in Tayside - how the SNP governs in 'Yes City' Dundee

21 April 2015
Disillusionment with Labour has seen the Scottish National Party capture the hopes of those radicalised by the independence vote. But a closer look at councils it runs should be a warning, as Raymie Kiernan found in Dundee

Scottish Labour's cuts crisis

14 April 2015
The Labour leadership hung its Blairite Scottish leader Jim Murphy out to dry this week and essentially gave up in Scotland.

No let up in SNP surge looks grim for Labour

07 April 2015
The Scottish National Party is benefitting from the desire for an alternative, writes Raymie Kiernan

SNP conference shows a thirst for an alternative to austerity in Scotland

31 March 2015
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon made her biggest pitch yet for the Labour vote in Scotland at the SNP’s spring conference last weekend.

SNP slams ‘crude’ cuts—and slashes council jobs

17 February 2015
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon called on the Labour Party to abandon austerity in a speech in London last week.

Jim Murphy's leadership win will deepen Scottish Labour crisis

16 December 2014
Blairite, Zionist and warmonger Jim Murphy has been elected the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party. 

Is there an alternative to the Labour Party?

02 December 2014
Millions of workers hate Ukip and the Tories, but don’t see Labour standing up to them. Socialist Worker has argued that the left should present a united challenge at the election. We asked activists what they think

Thousands join rallies for change in Scotland

25 November 2014
Mass meetings of the Scottish National Party and Radical Independence Campaign last weekend showed how the passion for politics remains in Scotland, writes Raymie Kiernan

No let up in Scotland's political crisis

18 November 2014
The political establishment is still reeling from the turmoil created by the Yes campaign in Scotland.

Tories, Labour and SNP agree on austerity - Fight the cuts now!

18 November 2014
Up to 500 people protested outside Glasgow City Council on Wednesday of last week to defend the Glasgow Association of Mental Health (GAMH).

The left must unite to be an alternative

14 October 2014
The media cliche machine has been in overdrive since the by-elections on Thursday of last week. Tedious though this is, undoubtedly something big has happened.

Rail privatisation is the express route for profits

14 October 2014
Rail bosses are rubbing their hands at lucrative new deals as spineless politicians let them tighten their grip

Mass rallies discuss next steps in Scotland

30 September 2014
The movement in Scotland continues as hundreds join rallies and pack out meetings, reports Raymie Kiernan

Two different visions of Scotland go head-to-head in referendum vote

16 September 2014
In a speech to a Tory audience in Aberdeen prime minister David Cameron said the Yes campaign’s vision of a different Scotland “was too good to be true”. 

Ruling class panics after Yes campaign takes lead in Scottish independence poll

09 September 2014
The No campaign is in trouble with the Scottish independence vote too close to call, writes Raymie Kiernan

The limits of Scottish nationalism

09 September 2014
The Scottish National Party is making headway as the independence referendum nears, but, says Iain Ferguson, the party is trapped by its attempt to please both the rich and the poor at the same time

Scottish independence - Alex Salmond's tack left is good news for the yes vote

26 August 2014
Working class issues trump financial nitpicking, argues Carlo Morelli

Narrow gap in polls as Scottish referendum campaign launched

27 May 2014
Tommy Sheridan says independence can be the basis for radical change, writes Raymie Kiernan

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