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Scottish National Party

The left must unite to be an alternative

14 October 2014
The media cliche machine has been in overdrive since the by-elections on Thursday of last week. Tedious though this is, undoubtedly something big has happened.

Mass rallies discuss next steps in Scotland

30 September 2014
The movement in Scotland continues as hundreds join rallies and pack out meetings, reports Raymie Kiernan

Two different visions of Scotland go head-to-head in referendum vote

16 September 2014
In a speech to a Tory audience in Aberdeen prime minister David Cameron said the Yes campaign’s vision of a different Scotland “was too good to be true”. 

The limits of Scottish nationalism

09 September 2014
The Scottish National Party is making headway as the independence referendum nears, but, says Iain Ferguson, the party is trapped by its attempt to please both the rich and the poor at the same time

Ruling class panics after Yes campaign takes lead in Scottish independence poll

09 September 2014
The No campaign is in trouble with the Scottish independence vote too close to call, writes Raymie Kiernan

Scottish independence - Alex Salmond's tack left is good news for the yes vote

26 August 2014
Working class issues trump financial nitpicking, argues Carlo Morelli

Narrow gap in polls as Scottish referendum campaign launched

27 May 2014
Tommy Sheridan says independence can be the basis for radical change, writes Raymie Kiernan

Neither SNP nor Labour offer solutions to poverty in Scotland

08 April 2014
There have been few demands in the independence debate for far-reaching wealth redistribution. Class divisions are being overlooked in competing claims to “Scottishness” and other supposedly national characteristics. 

Politicians vie to back up oil barons in Scottish independence row

25 February 2014
MPs’ rows over Scottish independence focus on helping the bosses, writes Raymie Kiernan

Labour campaign backs Scottish independence

28 January 2014
Around 350 people packed into the Scottish TUC offices to take part in the Labour supporters for Independence launch in Glasgow last week.

Scottish National Party lobbied over bedroom tax

22 October 2013
The Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation lobbied the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference in Perth last Saturday.

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