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Scottish National Party

SNP helps out fracking bosses and tax-dodgers as its conference begins

13 October 2015
As the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference gets underway this week, key manifesto pledges and the integrity of its MPs are firmly under the microscope.

SNP slammed over payout to cronies as its MPs cash in on property deals

06 October 2015
The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) teflon coating has begun to come unstuck after revelations of a handout to a big music promoter and MPs cashing in on property deals. 

Scotland's radical mood is still alive - but where can it go now?

15 September 2015
One year on from the Scottish independence referendum, Yes campaign supporters spoke to Raymie Kiernan about how politics have shifted and debate where next for the movement

Cameron’s Lord cronies don’t even turn up for expenses

01 September 2015
David Cameron has dished out peerages to 26 Conservative cronies.

Scottish top cop House’s downfall follows years of scandalous policing

01 September 2015
Scotland’s chief cop announced last week he is to resign by the end of the year, almost a year earlier than planned. His resignation was prompted by a huge backlash over repeated scandals.

What’s the left alternative to Labour and the SNP?

01 September 2015
The launch of Rise, a new left project in Scotland, is positive—but it’s not the end of the debate, writes Raymie Kiernan

SNP to bring back primary school testing

25 August 2015
The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader, under increasing pressure over her party’s record in education, now made an announcement to reintroduce national testing into primary schools in Scotland.

SNP looks to build trade union links

23 June 2015
The Scottish National Party (SNP) Trade Union Group’s first conference in Stirling last Saturday dispelled any doubts about Labour’s decline in Scotland.

Dundee porters win talks

23 June 2015
Striking hospital porters in Dundee have forced bosses back to the negotiating table after 12 weeks of indefinite strike. Talks are set to take place this week.

SNP’s latest exploits should ring alarm bells for the left

16 June 2015
Many have understandably looked to the Scottish National Party as an alternative to Tory austerity. But as Raymie Kiernan shows, its leaders are cosying up to bosses and making cuts

Striking Dundee hospital porters go to Scottish parliament

02 June 2015
Striking hospital porters from Dundee took their battle to be regraded to the Scottish parliament last week. They’re demanding action to end their nine-week all-out strike.

Scotland - we can forge a new left in the workplaces and in the streets

26 May 2015
Raymie Kiernan argues there’s a big potential for a new united left. But it has to focus on more than just the elections

Scottish ferry workers ballot over threat of takeover

26 May 2015
Workers at the Scottish state-owned ferry operator CalMac began balloting for industrial action on Wednesday of last week.

Dundee porters' strike piles pressure on SNP and the bosses

26 May 2015
Striking Dundee NHS porters have called a protest at the Scottish parliament on Thursday of this week to demand the Scottish National Party (SNP) supports their pay dispute.

After five years attacking the poor, the Tories are back for more

19 May 2015
The new Tory minister for disabled people is against protecting benefits for cancer patients and disabled children.

Defy Tory rule—don’t let Cameron's victory stop you fighting back

12 May 2015
The general election result was a bitter blow. The rich cheered and the jubilant Tories are gearing up fast for a new class war. While being honest about our weaknesses, socialists have to see that our enemy is not all powerful. The next few years may not be plain sailing for the Tories. They want a class war—let’s give it to them.

No mandate for cuts in Scotland

12 May 2015
Hundreds of thousands of voters in Scotland last week took their revenge on the Labour Party for years of betrayals and its alliance with the Tories in September’s independence referendum. 

Glasgow City Council has head in sand as homeless caseworkers' dispute gets stronger

12 May 2015
The all-out strike at Labour-run Glasgow City Council by homelessness caseworkers entered its seventh week on Tuesday of this week.

Hope deserves more than the Scottish National Party

28 April 2015
Two rallies in Glasgow reveal the radical mood behind the rise of the Scottish National Party—and a swing to the left that a socialist alternative could build on, reports Raymie Kiernan

We deserve better - so let's vote for it

28 April 2015
Britain’s political terrain is shifting. Neither of the two main parties can be sure of gaining enough support to win the general election outright.

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