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China crackdown on Tibet protest

15 October 2013
Chinese security forces injured at least 60 people when they opened fire on a Tibetan separatist demonstration in Dathang last week. 

The US’s ‘strategic pivot’ to the Pacific

21 March 2013
Alex Callinicos considers the options for US imperialism on the tenth anniversary of its invasion of Iraq

Foxconn strikers march in China

15 January 2013
Over 1,000 workers struck last week over working conditions at a Foxconn plant in China.

Censorship sparks strike in China

12 January 2013
Journalists at Southern Weekly newspaper in Guangzhou, China, walked out on strike on Monday of this week over press censorship.

China's leaders have no solutions

13 November 2012
The 18th congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) closes in Beijing this week. Its main purpose was to demonstrate an orderly transition of power at the heart of China’s ruling class.

International news round-up

30 October 2012
Protest in China scores a victory Thousands of protesters in Ningbo, eastern China have forced the local government to back down on its plan to expand a nearby petrochemical factory. Despite being attacked by riot police, protestors blocked roads and refused to leave.

iPhone workers walk out at China's Foxconn factory

09 October 2012
Around 4,000 Foxconn workers struck at the end of last week in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

China Miéville's dreamlike tour of London in crisis

25 September 2012
Cities in a state of tension, driven mad by nightmares in the run-up to some great catastrophe, are one of the defining motifs of China Miéville’s fiction.

China Crisis: Bo Xilai, corruption and looming economic slowdown

14 August 2012
The fall of prominent Chinese politician Bo Xilai earlier this year exposed the depths of corruption in China’s ruling class. Much of the media here is focusing on his wife, Gu Kailai, who last week stood trial for murdering a British businessman.

America doesn't always get its way

31 July 2012
There is a puzzling contradiction in contemporary discussion of American power. The theme that the US is in decline, being elbowed out of the way by China, is well established in mainstream discourse.

China Mieville interview: a darker take on a classic comic crimefighter

12 June 2012
It's hard not to be infected by the enthusiasm with which fantasy author China Miéville describes his revival of "goofy old 1960s comic" Dial H for Hero.

Cushion workers should tell their boss to get stuffed

08 May 2012
Tony Caldeira is a boss on a mission—to take manufacturing jobs back from China to Britain.

Bo Xilai fall shows divisions among China's leaders

24 April 2012
The British press has been full of lurid stories about Bo Xilai, the Chinese politician who has just fallen from grace.

Chung Kuo China - Antonioni classic takes a look at hidden side of a vanished world

20 March 2012
It may be hard to imagine now, but in the early 1970s China was as closed off from the rest of the world as North Korea is today.

Gok Wan: Made in China

06 March 2012
TV presenter Gok Wan is usually known for fashion and beauty shows, but he branches out into economics in this documentary.

The Muppets: a red turn for the green frog?

21 February 2012
"Why is being rich bad all of a sudden in today’s society? We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?"

Are the Brics on the brink?

04 February 2012
The US and the eurozone are the world’s largest two economies by some margin. Both are in the throes of a deep economic crisis. But could China, their nearest competitor, and other emerging economies pick up the slack and keep global capitalism going?

Rare Earth: Truth in disguise

17 January 2012
Writers in China often have to fictionalise their work in order to be heard. "Write it into a novel to get through the censors," publishers will tell you.

Revolt in China blocks corrupt land sales

03 January 2012
It was far from the first time that local government officials in China took over poor people’s land and deprived them of their livelihoods. It was far from the first time that people who protested were beaten up and abused.

When China Met Africa

04 October 2011
The shifting relationship between China and Africa has completely passed most people by.

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