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China: The central role of migrant labour

23 August 2011
The "economic miracle" of the last 20 years has seen China become the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter.

Economic growth, but at what cost?

16 August 2011
China is the success story of 21st century capitalism. While much of the world seems set to enter the second half of a double-dip recession, the Chinese economy will grow by 8 percent this year.

Riots in China - the Arab Spring has encouraged workers to fight

28 June 2011
The recent uprisings of migrant workers in China are not isolated incidents.

Riots spread across China

14 June 2011
Thousands of people have rioted in China.

Truckers close Shanghai port

26 April 2011
Truck drivers have shut down the world’s biggest port—for five days.

US and China in a battle for influence

18 January 2011
China's leaders are busy touring the globe. President Hu Jintao has been visiting the US a week after vice-premier Li Keqiang, whom Hu backs as the next prime minister, did the rounds of the European Union (EU).

China: the masses are on the move

14 December 2010
In the last twenty years, China’s economy has grown faster than any other country in the world—and it has even managed to grow through most of the current recession.

Honda workers in China win strike

27 July 2010
A strike by 200 workers at a car components factory in China has ended in victory, as the wave of strikes across the car industry continues.

Workers' revolt in China and Bangladesh challenges myths of globalisation

29 June 2010
The new era of globalised production was meant to avoid two things—economic crises and workers’ resistance.

China strikes inspire more action

22 June 2010
Strikes in China’s car industry are spreading.

Workers in China unite against capital

15 June 2010
A sleeping giant is stirring in China—the working class. High-profile strikes have spread through China’s Honda car plants over the past few weeks.

Honda strike: new turn for workers in China

08 June 2010
A strike in China has shown a new level of confidence among workers.

Strike halts Honda plants in China

01 June 2010
A strike by around 2,000 Honda car workers forced the closure of all the multinational’s plants in China. On Monday bosses offered a 24 percent pay rise in a bid to halt it

Kraken: China Miéville interview

18 May 2010
Would you say Kraken is a return to some of your earlier work?

European radical left statement on the crisis

01 May 2010
Statement on the European crisis The global economic crisis continues. Massive amounts of money have been injected into the financial system – $14 trillion in bailouts in the United States, Britain, and the eurozone, $1.4 trillion new bank loans in China last year – in an effort to restabilize the world economy. But it remains an open question whether or not these efforts will be enough to produce a sustainable recovery. Growth remains very sluggish in the advanced economies, while unemployment continues to rise. There are fears that a new financial bubble centred this time on China is developing. The protracted character of the crisis – which is the most severe since the

UAF week: pushing back the BNP in Barking

09 March 2010
MondayOrganising meeting with people from the local theatre, trade unionists from the CWU and Unison, students and residents. TuesdayMet women representing Kosovan Albanian, Rwandan, Turkish, Chinese and Asian groups. We agreed to produce leaflets in different languages and speak at a 400-strong Kosovan Albanian meeting.WednesdayAttended a London Metropolitan University lecturers’ meeting. They agreed to organise support. Students there are organising weekly UAF stalls.ThursdayFifty students attended University of East London UAF meeting. The president of the Isla

Journalists at the Financial Times newspaper unite to stop redundancies

25 February 2010
Journalists at the Financial Times (FT) were celebrating victory this week after management backed off from plans to sack Chinese journalists working on the FTChinese website.

China move means pay cut for Financial Times workers

16 February 2010
Four workers who produce Financial Times Chinese in London have been ordered to move to China – and take a 50 percent pay cut.

Don’t overstate China’s power

09 February 2010
An enormous amount of nonsense is talked about China these days. Generally it takes the form of what Perry Anderson has described in the London Review of Books as "Sinomania". This is the proclamation of China as a new superpower that will soon displace the US at the top of the global pecking order. That’s if it hasn’t already.

The City and the City - China Miéville

05 January 2010
Yes, this is a murder mystery – but it is also much more than that.

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