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Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone: the loser’s illusion that he’s a winner

Reading Ken Livingstone in the Guardian on Friday of last week, I almost convinced myself that 1 May had been a bad dream and that Boris Johnson hadn’t been elected mayor of London.

Ken Livingstone's long march to the right

The underlying assumption behind Ken Livingstone’s campaign for re-election as London’s mayor was that the votes of the left were in the bag, and that his key job was to capture the votes of the right.

Ken Livingstone's move to the right is at the root of his crisis

Opinion polls showing Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson neck and neck in the race for London mayor, or even Johnson ahead, have grabbed the headlines.

London mayor elections: Ken and Boris launch a war on young people

Both want more police, tougher prison sentences, airport-style scanners and surveillance cameras. Neither offers any real solution to the problem of crime against young people.

Why has Ken Livingstone stopped being red?

With less than six weeks to go to the 1 May elections for the mayor of London and the London Assembly, polls have shown Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson are neck and neck.

Ken Livingstone's battle with the Standard

Ken Livingstones battle with the Standard So what should we make of the Ken Livingstone saga? Just so we all know how the conversation went, here it is:

The real record of the GLC

30 October 1999
Tony Blair and his cronies are out to block Ken Livingstone from becoming London mayor. Only last week Neil Kinnock, former Labour Party leader, said: "When people get down to remembering Ken's real record as the man who brought about the destruction of the Greater London Council, the man who invented the London loony left, then they'll say we really don't want this guy to represent the greatest city in the world."

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