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Fight brews at coffee giant Jacob Douwe Egberts

Fight brews at coffee giant Jacob Douwe Egberts Workers at Jacob Douwe Egberts (JDE) in Banbury, Oxfordshire, were set to strike for 24 hours this Saturday.

New pamphlet on capitalism, food and agriculture

New pamphlet on capitalism, food and agriculture The new pamphlet Capitalism and the Politics of Food by Amy Leather argues that Covid-19 is no anomaly. And with current food systems more deadly viruses are likely to cross over to humans.

SPS Technologies + Heathrow +Communisis + Jacobs Douwe Egberts

SPS Technologies + Heathrow +Communisis + Jacobs Douwe Egberts Workers at aerospace parts firm SPS Technologies in Leicester struck on Monday over fire and rehire cuts that will cost them up to £3,000 a year.

The Tories backtrack after school meals theft

The Tories backtrack after school meals theft After weeks of insisting that the meals would only be provided in term time, the government has said it will provide them during holidays too.

Parents slam Tories over free school meals - ‘They don’t care about our kids’

Parents slam Tories over free school meals - ‘They don’t care about our kids’ Fury is growing over the Tories’ refusal to extend free school meals (FSM) in England during the holidays.

Bosses take the biscuit but can't dodge strikes

Bosses take the biscuit but cant dodge strikes Workers who make Wagon Wheels and Jammie Dodgers plan further walkouts over pay.

Millions starve across the world during pandemic

02 September 2020
Almost unnoticed among other aspects of the coronavirus crisis, hundreds of millions of people across the world face hunger, malnutrition and—for some—starvation.

Production continues as 300 workers test positive for Covid-19 at sandwich plant

14 August 2020
Overpriced, pre-packaged sandwiches shouldn’t be a matter of life and death, but for Greencore factory workers that could be the case.

Poorest show ‘early signs’ of malnutrition in coronavirus crisis

13 August 2020
Poor people are in a food crisis—with many showing “early signs” of malnutrition.

Letters- 'We are determined to stay on the streets in Portland'

07 August 2020
Our protests In Portland started with the Minneapolis uprising and have continued every day for well over two months.

Boris Johnson peddles obesity line to deflect blame for virus deaths

27 July 2020
The Tories are getting stuck into their latest tactic to divert blame from their own fatal failings.

Coronavirus infections soaring in workplaces 

06 July 2020
Workers are being forced to keep quiet about dangerous conditions, writes Charlie Kimber

Meting out misery - coronavirus outbreaks and the meat industry

30 June 2020
As coronavirus spreads through slaughterhouses in the US and Europe, Simon Basketter looks at how the drive for profit is to blame

People forced to food banks as they are ‘swept into destitution’

01 May 2020
Huge numbers of people are being driven to food banks as the coronavirus crisis deepens

A system of waste and rot

24 April 2020
More than 250 million people face food uncertainty by the end of this year, while producers are destroying food on an extraordinary scale

Food poverty is hitting millions during lockdown

11 April 2020
Millions of people in Britain are going hungry during the coronavirus crisis, according to new research.

LETTERS - George Monbiot’s lab food plan gives power to bosses

13 January 2020
What if, instead of producing our food from animals and plants, we could grow it all in a lab?

Capitalism and climate—the system’s recipe for disaster

15 December 2019
Climate change is creating extreme weather events that put food production at risk. To deal with it we have to challenge and transform a food system that is run for profit, writes Sarah Bates

A third of Zimbabweans face a food crisis due to climate change and neoliberalism

07 August 2019
More than five million people in Zimbabwe face hunger or starvation, according to the United Nations (UN).

Unofficial action over pay at North Yorkshire food factory

16 July 2019
Hundreds of workers at Karro Foods in Maltonstruck unofficially for two days

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