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We’re made to pay the price of an ugly system

We’re made to pay the price of an ugly system The problem isn’t one or two nasty bosses—it’s a system that fails the vast majority

Tories’ virus failures cost lives for profit

Tories’ virus failures cost lives for profit It’s been a year since what is believed to have been the first coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China, on 17 November 2019. Now there are finally real hopes for a vaccine.

Rich rats deserting sinking yachts for sealed bunkers

Rich rats deserting sinking yachts for sealed bunkers Not content with hiding away on private islands, the super-rich are now buying exclusive services to rescue them from pandemics, protests and climate catastrophes.

Class struggle is the only alternative to an unfair system

Class struggle is the only alternative to an unfair system The US political system is rotten and offers nothing to ordinary people. This is the main conclusion from this week’s election.

Solidarity not charity is answer to Tory cruelty

Solidarity not charity is answer to Tory cruelty The Tories’ refusal to give free school meals to children in the holidays has seen an outpouring of support for poor children from ordinary people.

How billionaires grab our money

How billionaires grab our money The world’s billionaires have amassed a fortune of £7.8 trillion through tax scams, inherited wealth—and the hard work of others.

Resist the drive for profit that is killing us

29 September 2020
Capitalism keeps a tiny minority of people rich off the back of work that is done by the vast majority of people.

Billionaires are still cashing in on the Coronavirus crisis

15 September 2020
“Pandemic be damned”. That’s the message from Forbes, which calls itself “the defining voice of ­entrepreneurial capitalism.”

Super-rich ‘doing better than ever’ during pandemic

10 September 2020
Ordinary people in the US face rampant coronavirus, mass unemployment, and reduced wages. But for those at the top it’s boom time

Put people before profit to protect us from coronavirus

07 September 2020
The bosses and their backers are screaming for a return to “business as usual”. They say if we don’t accept this, we will be stuck with lockdown measures that get in the way of profits—known as “the economy”.

This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns

01 September 2020
As millions of people fear for their jobs, bankers and bosses celebrated a bonanza on the stock market.

Trespass, capitalism and land

22 August 2020
Simon Basketter looks at a new book examining how the rich have stolen huge swathes of public land—and passed centuries of laws keep everybody else out

‘We’ve been thrown on the scrap heap by the Tories’

25 July 2020
Workers facing poverty, unemployment and insecurity told Sadie Robinson why they feel they have been completely abandoned by their bosses and the government

Who is really running Britain?

29 May 2020
The Dominic Cummings affair has exposed how far the Tories will go to protect unelected advisers. Nick Clark looks at what the scandal says about how society is run

Workers rush into trade unions to fight profit-hungry bosses

28 May 2020
There’s good news—the number of British workers in trade union members rose last year by 91,000 to 6.44 million.

Winners and losers in Covid-19 Britain

25 May 2020
We are not “all in this together”. Covid-19 is not some great equaliser that brings everyone together, but rather a crisis that is deepening the fissures in an already unequal society.

Why the world is unequal

24 May 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the grotesque inequalities between rich and poor countries

A system of waste and rot

24 April 2020
More than 250 million people face food uncertainty by the end of this year, while producers are destroying food on an extraordinary scale

Marxism in an age of catastrophe - capitalism created an era of plagues

18 April 2020
We live in an era of plagues because of capitalist development, argues socialist author Mike Davis.

Viruses and the sick system that destroys our environment

11 April 2020
Pandemics and viral outbreaks aren’t an accident of nature. Fresh research confirms how tearing up animals’ natural habitats and intensive farming are to blame, writes Sadie Robinson

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