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Empty shelves—nothing super about the market

Empty shelves—nothing super about the market With shelves staying bare and shortages predicted to get worse, Sophie Squire looks at what’s behind the crisis and pins the blame on production for profit

Growing evidence says we’re ‘beyond tipping points’ in climate crisis

Growing evidence says we’re ‘beyond tipping points’ in climate crisis The Earth’s “vital signs” are getting worse because of an “unrelenting business as usual”.

Greensill scandal report does its job and says little

Greensill scandal report does its job and says little A report into the disgraced ­financier Lex Greensill’s relations with the government has only mildly criticised former Tory prime minister David Cameron—and handily blamed someone who is dead.

What’s the real value behind the rich’s NFT digital art fad?

What’s the real value behind the rich’s NFT digital art fad? Capitalist financial trickery has hit new lows with the development of NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens”

Protest wants to reclaim pride

Protest wants to reclaim pride Reclaim Pride is set to go ahead on Saturday to tell Boris Johnson “to stop stalling on LGBT+ rights” and march for LGBT+ liberation.

Genoa—when we made the world’s elite tremble

Genoa—when we made the world’s elite tremble Huge anti-capitalist protests in Italy 20 years ago today were a turning point in an anti-capitalist movement that spread across the globe

US imperialism, capitalism and Cuban protests

16 July 2021
The current protests in Cuba have raised arguments. Sophie Squire analyses the nature of Cuban state capitalism, the pressure from the US and today’s revolt.

A mistake of Olympic proportions in Tokyo

05 July 2021
The Tokyo Olympic Games is set to start this month. Sam Ord investigates the scale of the Covid health crisis ignored by officials, and the reality of how the event build profits and nationalism for rulers

How capitalism tries to profit from our bodies

28 June 2021
The new series of Love Island is launching. Sophie Squire investigates why certain body types are marketed to us, and the pressure to buy into them

Is there a ‘new cold war’ between the US and China?

14 June 2021
As US president Joe Biden goes on a mission to turn the West against China, Nick Clark investigates the competition between the capitalist states

Why Bitcoin is no game changer for capitalism

12 June 2021
Digital currencies made to be untraceable were once touted as a democratic alternative to ‘real money’. Not anymore

Leaked documents show US super-rich pay a pittance in tax

09 June 2021
The richest 25 people in the US—including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffett—paid as little as 3.4 percent of their gains in wealth in tax between 2014 and 2018.

New billionaires cash in on Covid-19 vaccine production

30 May 2021
Profiting from the Covid-19 vaccine has directly created at least nine new billionaires with a combined wealth of nearly £14 billion.

LETTERS—Halting deportations means keeping up militant response

25 May 2021
We won a massive victory over immigration deportations last week on the streets of Pollokshields in Glasgow.

Top companies cash in on coronavirus with ‘share buyback’ schemes

14 May 2021
A swathe of the world’s richest companies are so overflowing with cash that they are spending record amounts on buying their own shares.

Neoliberalism is alive and useful to rulers

04 May 2021
Is neoliberalism over? This is what many of its defenders are beginning to fear. Chris Giles, the economics editor of the Financial Times, recently lamented, “The left is winning the economic battle of ideas.”

Vaccine disparity—is imperialism in workers’ interests?

02 May 2021
As India’s health system collapses under a new wave of Covid-19, Socialist Worker examines whether Western workers are gaining from the way imperialism operates

Capitalism means money for war, not health

27 April 2021
People starve, there’s not enough cash for health or education, for action on climate chaos or to create jobs—but there’s always money for war.

Sport and the system—whose game are we playing?

23 April 2021
Sport offers relief and a sense of collective identity denied to us by capitalism—but bosses also use it to make profits and divide us. Sam Ord explores the contradictions

War and a deadly system—why conflict is central to capitalism

20 April 2021
US president Joe Biden plans to keep using force to promote US imperialism, despite Middle East defeats. Nick Clark says it’s the way capitalism works that creates constant conflicts

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