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The Troublemaker—The rich fiddle the figures to get out of paying their taxes

10 September 2019
The super-rich are inventing investments to avoid paying taxes.

Economic slowdown shows up the weakness of the system

13 August 2019
Britain’s economy contracted for the first time in seven years during the second quarter of 2019.

Love Island—how our bodies are sold to us

23 July 2019
Capitalism robs us of our individuality and then attempts to sell a pale imitation of it back to us in a sick bid to profit off the insecurities class society produces, writes Sarah Bates

The IMF - a brutal loan shark for capital

09 July 2019
Pakistan’s government has raised gas prices by 200 percent less than a year after it was elected promising to “eradicate poverty”.

Fight the climate crisis and organise a socialist revolution

02 July 2019
In 2019 it is more urgent than ever that we fight for socialism.

How the toxic toffs still rule over us

25 June 2019
A new report from The Sutton Trust this week showed that 39 percent of the Tory cabinet were privately educated. Just 7 percent of the population as a whole go through the same system.

City bosses fear crisis as Woodford investment fund falters

08 June 2019
The near-collapse of an investment fund is sending shudders through the City of London - but it could also affect ordinary people

How the way was cleared for capitalism in Scotland

30 May 2019
A new book by Tom Devine offers a fresh interpretation of how capitalism was established in Scotland. He spoke to Charlie Kimber

Britain, the ‘world’s greatest enabler’ of corporate tax avoidance

28 May 2019
The government is ruthlessly tough on any suspicion of benefit “fiddling”. But it encourages the incomparably greater tax scams of the powerful.

Can growth be good?

21 May 2019
Growth is central to capitalism, but the expansion of production can be organised to protect people and the planet if it is coupled with radical change, argues Simon Basketter

The lethal logic of profit

09 April 2019
Aeroplane firm Boeing admitted last week that its faulty planes are to blame for deadly crashes.

Get rid of bonuses, and the whole system - leave the rich nothing

26 March 2019
MPs want firms to cut bosses’ bonuses—because they fear the payouts will turn people against capitalism.

Why capitalism can’t solve the climate crisis

26 March 2019
This year has seen the birth of a militant new climate movement on the streets.

What is socialism and can it work?

12 March 2019
As thousands take to the streets to fight for climate action and against racism, Tomáš Tengely-Evans and Alistair Farrow look at what kind of society can fight the injustices of capitalism

Scrap capitalism to save the planet

12 February 2019
Two reports this week spelled out the scale of the threat posed by climate change. They follow decades of similar warnings.

The Troublemaker—Richest 26 people have the same wealth as poorest half of the world

22 January 2019
The combined fortunes of the world’s billionaires rose by £2 billion a day last year, while 3.4 billion people were forced to survive on less than £4.27 a day each.

The Carillion collapse and capital

15 January 2019
Carillion, a former giant firm in construction, outsourcing and privatisation, went bust one year ago. It was one of the go-to firms to get rid of public services, first with New Labour and now with the Tories.

Handouts to firms show how states serve the rich

27 November 2018
Nick Clark says a series of recent offers made by politicians to businesses show up who really holds power in society

Can Labour tame the state?

19 November 2018
How should a Corbyn government deal with enemies that have deep roots in the establishment, asks Nick Clark

Join the socialists and fight a racist system

13 November 2018
Capitalism produces racism and uses it to keep us divided and distracted from the real relations in society.

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