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First World War

Anti-war comic author Pat Mills talks about new book To End All Wars

12 August 2014
Veteran comic strip writer Pat Mills talks to Ken Olende about First World War mutinies and war resisters as a new collection of graphic stories, To End All Wars, is published

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: war works put rulers to shame

12 August 2014
Every socialist will have been nauseated by the Commonwealth commemoration of the centenary of the First World War held in Glasgow on 4 August.

Only workers can end our rulers’ barbaric world of war

05 August 2014
The news has been dominated by the outbreak of the First World War and Israel’s assault on Gaza.

War set out to build empires—but ended with revolutions

01 July 2014
Dave Sherry tells Tomáš Tengely-Evans he wants his new book Empire and Revolution to take on the elite’s attempt to whitewash the First World War

Women, work and the First World War

04 March 2014
How women got a taste of their power during the First World War by Judith Orr

The First World War: Those who refused

28 January 2014
The First World War was a imperialist bloodbath—yet the establishment wants to rehabilitate it as a struggle for freedom. Adam Hochschild has written a book on the brutal reality of the conflict. In a recent talk he discussed people who rejected the call to war from the outset

First World War: ‘I refuse to murder and butcher people that know as little as we do for what end they are fighting’

28 January 2014
Thousands of First World War appeals from men of military age arguing for exemption from conscription were released last week, writes Raymie Kiernan

A history soaked in blood - the British Empire’s crimes are nothing to celebrate

07 January 2014
A century after the First World War our rulers are still trying to peddle patriotic pride. But the British Empire’s crimes are nothing to celebrate.

Gove sees war through the eyes of his class

07 January 2014
The odious Michael Gove wants us all to celebrate the First World War as a “just war”. For him it was a “noble cause” fought to defend “the Western liberal order”.

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