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Fast food workers

The lesson of the KFC cock up

20 February 2018
A supply-chain cock up at KFC fast food stores left bosses in a flap

As McDonald’s bosses forced to grant some pay rises, workers vow to fight for more

03 January 2018
A section of McDonald’s workers have won their biggest pay rise in ten years.

McDonald’s workers cheer successful first strike

05 September 2017
McDonald’s workers launched their first ever strike at the multinational in Britain on Monday.

‘We can win,’ say McDonald’s strikers at rally outside parliament

04 September 2017
Chants of “I believe that we can win” rang out as McDonald’s strikers and their supporters rallied in front of parliament

Workers take to the picket lines for first ever McDonald's strike in Britain

04 September 2017
McDonald’s workers have launched the first-ever strike at the multinational in Britain

Protest targets McDonald's headquarters ahead of first strike

02 September 2017
Some 200 people joined the protest ahead of the first-ever strike by workers at the multinational fast food giant in Britain

We're worth more - how workers are fighting back at McDonald's

27 August 2017
McDonald’s workers at the heart of organising historic strikes told Tomáš Tengely-Evans how they did it

‘We’re not lovin’ it’—striking back at McDonald’s bullies

22 August 2017
Bfawu union members are set for an historic strike as activists organise around £10 an hour

McDonald’s workers to ballot for strikes to demand £10 an hour and a union

08 August 2017
Workers at two McDonald’s restaurants in Cambridge and Crayford, south London, are preparing to ballot for strikes

Wetherspoon advertising jobs at less than minimum wage

25 July 2017
The Wetherspoon pub chain is advertising jobs paying less than the minimum wage.

Campaigners hail victory after McDonald’s backs down over zero-hours contracts

02 May 2017
Fast food chain McDonald’s has announced it will offer fixed-term contracts to workers who want them.

McDonald's workers ordered not to be political online

21 March 2017
McDonald’s fast food stores are clamping down on trade union activists.

Harrods restaurant boss resigns after workers’ successful fight for tips

25 January 2017
Workers at the posh department store Harrods in London celebrated another victory this week.

Slaving over the stoves of the rich... and you don’t even get the tips

03 January 2017
The scandalous theft of waiters’ service charges at posh Harrods is just the tip of the iceberg of how bosses make life in the kitchens hell, catering workers told Alistair Farrow

Silver service workers can scupper the supper rush

06 December 2016
RMT union members at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool are balloting to strike on 23 December.

Unite the Resistance conference debates how to build a fightback in the era of Trump and Corbyn

15 November 2016
Up to 300 trade unionists and activists from around Britain gathered in central London today, Saturday, at Unite the Resistance national conference.

Exploitation is just the job in a bosses’ recovery of low pay and zero hours

13 September 2016
More people may be in work but full-time positions are getting harder to find. Behind the figures, Alistair Farrow finds that bosses are making employment work for them—not us

Uber Eats strikers summon solidarity at the tap of a button

27 August 2016
Delivery riders working for Uber Eats struck yesterday, Friday, against the company’s attempt to cut their pay to just £3.22 per delivery.

KFC’s finger lickin’ zero hours lies exposed

26 July 2016
Fast food giant KFC claims it doesn’t use zero hours contracts in Britain. Alistair Farrow takes apart the spin

Defend victimised Bfawu trade union activist at Samworth Brothers

09 June 2016
A victimised trade union activist at a food factory in Leicester has slammed bosses for sacking him because of his union activities.

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