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Crisis in Israel flows from the occupation

07 August 2019
Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is facing a crisis. In just under six weeks, the racist warmonger will stand in his second general election in a year.

Israel hijacks Palestinian taxes

30 July 2019
Israel has reportedly transferred some £117 million worth of Palestinian taxes to the Israel Electric Corporation

Israeli state smashes up Palestinian homes

23 July 2019
Israel began a major demolition of houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank this week

Exclusive - the Steve Bell cartoons the Guardian refused to publish

17 July 2019
Socialist Worker exclusively publishes the Steve Bell cartoons the Guardian newspaper has refused to.

Labour right launches new attack over antisemitism claims

16 July 2019
Right wing Labour MPs launched a fresh assault on the left last week

Suppressed report reveals the horror of the Nakba

14 July 2019
A report—hidden for years, now uncovered—reveals the crimes during the creation of Israel in the words of those who committed them

Panorama programme on Labour was a shoddy attack on solidarity with Palestine

11 July 2019
The BBC Panorama documentary on Labour and antisemitism on Wednesday was a naked attack on solidarity with Palestinians and legitimate criticism of the Israeli state.

Israel tries to hide its bloody, racist past

09 July 2019
Israel is desperate to hide its bloody, racist history. Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed last week that Israel’s defence ministry has been quietly hiding, removing and censoring documents for more than a decade.

Racist police killing of Solomon Tekah sparks angry protests across Israel

09 July 2019
Ethiopian Israelis rioted and protested last week after a cop shot and killed an unarmed teenager.

As smears continue against the Labour left - be proud to stand up for Palestine

09 July 2019
Left wingers in the Labour Party are facing fresh accusations from the right this week, writes Nick Clark

Britain’s legacy of brutality in Palestine

18 June 2019
Israeli attacks on Palestinians today rightly horrify millions of people. But the Zionist state has learned many of its repressive techniques from Britain, writes Nick Clark

US backs Israel’s right to grab more land

11 June 2019
Israel has the right to claim ownership of even more stolen Palestinian land, a senior US diplomat has said

Rows on the Israeli right force fresh elections

04 June 2019
Failure to form a government is good for parties that want to take Israel further to the right

WhatsApp with the Israeli phone hacking scandal?

21 May 2019
While the US and Britain wind up a row with China over Huawei, they’re decidedly less

Israeli murder in Gaza Strip

07 May 2019
Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said his military is “preparing to continue” its violence in Gaza following an assault that killed at least 25 Palestinians.

LETTERS—On the streets against Trump to show there’s an alternative

06 May 2019
Why has Donald Trump achieved popularity in the US and beyond? Above all, why does he appeal to working people?

Richard Burgon is right to criticise Zionism

23 April 2019
Labour’s shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon has faced calls to resign for describing Zionism—the ideology that is used to justify Palestinian oppression—as “the enemy of peace”.

Attacks on Palestinians lay behind Netanyahu win

13 April 2019
Binyamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Israeli prime minister last week—and the result reflects the racist violence of the Israeli state, writes Nick Clark

Israeli elections spell trouble for Palestinians

09 April 2019
Results of elections in Israel were set to be announced as Socialist Worker went to press—with no good outcome for Palestinians.

Solidarity with Palestine across Britain as Israel attacks Gaza protesters

30 March 2019
Thousands of people in Britain protested in solidarity with Palestinians as Israeli soldiers attacked a major demonstration at the fence between Gaza and Israel on Saturday.

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