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Scottish Independence

Thousands demand second Scottish independence referendum

20 September 2016
Two separate rallies in Glasgow, joined by around 2,000 people, revived something of the colour of the referendum campaign—and the expectations of what an independent Scotland would bring.

Make independence worth fighting for

13 September 2016
The Scottish National Party’s support for big business and the European Union risks damaging support for "indyref2" rather than boosting it, warns Raymie Kiernan

10,000 join march for Scottish independence

02 August 2016
A big march took place in Glasgow last Saturday demanding a second referendum on Scottish Independence. Organised by the “All under one banner” group, the turnout of around 10,000 surprised almost everyone.

Brexit vote was a revolt against the rich

28 June 2016
The vote to leave the European Union last week defied the establishment and revealed a deep disaffection towards a system that has failed working class people, argues Charlie Kimber

Scottish lecturers meet ahead of national strike 

15 March 2016
The Scottish further education lecturers’ walkout set to begin this Thursday dominated the EIS-Fela union’s conference in Perth last week.

Trash Trident: six deadly nuclear myths...and how to defuse them

18 January 2016
The government plans to put the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine programme to the vote later this year. It wants to spend more than £160 billion on four Scottish-based submarines whose only purpose is to threaten the whole of humanity.

Thousands rally one year after Scottish independence vote

22 September 2015
Up to 10,000 Scottish independence campaigners rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Saturday to mark one year on from the referendum. 

Scotland's radical mood is still alive - but where can it go now?

15 September 2015
One year on from the Scottish independence referendum, Yes campaign supporters spoke to Raymie Kiernan about how politics have shifted and debate where next for the movement

What’s the left alternative to Labour and the SNP?

01 September 2015
The launch of Rise, a new left project in Scotland, is positive—but it’s not the end of the debate, writes Raymie Kiernan

Jim Murphy's leadership win will deepen Scottish Labour crisis

16 December 2014
Blairite, Zionist and warmonger Jim Murphy has been elected the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party. 

Thousands join rallies for change in Scotland

25 November 2014
Mass meetings of the Scottish National Party and Radical Independence Campaign last weekend showed how the passion for politics remains in Scotland, writes Raymie Kiernan

No let up in Scotland's political crisis

18 November 2014
The political establishment is still reeling from the turmoil created by the Yes campaign in Scotland.

Mass Hope Over Fear rally shows the chance to build new left in Scotland

14 October 2014
Up to 15,000 people rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Sunday at an event called by the Hope Over Fear campaign initiated by Tommy Sheridan.

Mass rallies discuss next steps in Scotland

30 September 2014
The movement in Scotland continues as hundreds join rallies and pack out meetings, reports Raymie Kiernan

Scotland special - We've scared them, now let's beat them

23 September 2014
The 1.6 million people who voted Yes in last week’s referendum can be proud of themselves.

Where next after Scotland's vote?

23 September 2014
The Scottish independence referendum saw thousands of people getting involved in radical new groups to argue for a Yes vote. 

Scotland after the referendum: we need to back a left alternative not the SNP

23 September 2014
The left in Scotland has the sort of opportunity that comes around only very occasionally. 

Britain's rulers win a No vote, but still face a crisis in Scotland

23 September 2014
Voters in Scotland rejected independence by 55 to 45 percent last week. The 85 percent turnout was the highest ever in Britain.

'Are you watching, Cameron?' Hope for independence fills streets on the eve of Scotland's vote

17 September 2014
Up to 10,000 people filled Glasgow's George Square tonight, Wednesday, to rally support for independence ahead of Thursday's referendum. An hour after the rally was due to end thousands remained in the square.

As Scotland votes: Kick the ‘Effing Tories’

16 September 2014
The Yes campaign in Scotland, which concludes this week, has had David Cameron on the run.

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