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Scottish Independence

How the independence vote can radicalise Scotland

19 August 2014
Raymie Kiernan looks at why Scottish independence activists believe a last push for votes can bring victory—and raise wider issues about the alternative to capitalism

Scotland's currency row masks ruling class fears of independence

12 August 2014
The British ruling class are trying to scare voters away from a yes vote by raising questions over a future Scottish currency.

Will there be racism in an independent Scotland?

15 July 2014
Ayesha Saleem and Stephen McBroom argue that anti-racism must be a central part of the struggle to break the British state

Glasgow's Common Weal festival sets out vision for progressive Scotland

08 July 2014
Around 800 people attended the Festival of the Common Weal in Glasgow on Sunday of last week.

The left must fight for a different kind of Scotland

01 July 2014
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond recently drew on the rhetoric of Barack Obama’s 2008 US presidential election campaign to assert “Yes, we can”.

Yes campaign steps up as Scottish independence vote nears

10 June 2014
A day of street stalls, leafleting and door-to-door canvassing for independence took place across Scotland last Saturday.

Narrow gap in polls as Scottish referendum campaign launched

27 May 2014
Tommy Sheridan says independence can be the basis for radical change, writes Raymie Kiernan

Tommy Sheridan: Hope not fear

20 May 2014
Over 400 people packed into the Lourdes primary school in Glasgow on Thursday of last week.

CBI crisis over support for troubled Scottish No campaign

22 April 2014
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) suffered several high profile resignations in Scotland since it declared last week against independence. 

Neither SNP nor Labour offer solutions to poverty in Scotland

08 April 2014
There have been few demands in the independence debate for far-reaching wealth redistribution. Class divisions are being overlooked in competing claims to “Scottishness” and other supposedly national characteristics. 

Scotland’s rich and poor have no common interest

08 April 2014
Supporting Scottish independence doesn’t mean falling for nationalist myths. Raymie Kiernan looks at a new book that busts Salmond’s claims about class

Debate: Should the left vote Yes in the Scottish independence referendum?

04 March 2014
Is Socialist Worker right to argue for a Yes vote? Two Labour Party members in Scotland, Vince Mills and Bob Thomson, debate how the left should vote in September’s poll

Politicians vie to back up oil barons in Scottish independence row

25 February 2014
MPs’ rows over Scottish independence focus on helping the bosses, writes Raymie Kiernan

Labour campaign backs Scottish independence

28 January 2014
Around 350 people packed into the Scottish TUC offices to take part in the Labour supporters for Independence launch in Glasgow last week.

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