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Scottish Independence

Two different visions of Scotland go head-to-head in referendum vote

16 September 2014
In a speech to a Tory audience in Aberdeen prime minister David Cameron said the Yes campaign’s vision of a different Scotland “was too good to be true”. 

There's no going back for Scotland's radical Yes voters

16 September 2014
Campaigning for independence has awakened new working class hopes for change, writes Raymie Kiernan

As Scotland votes: Kick the ‘Effing Tories’

16 September 2014
The Yes campaign in Scotland, which concludes this week, has had David Cameron on the run.

Their media is never impartial. Neither are we.

16 September 2014
Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor, is upset. He doesn’t like the fact that people have rightly picked him up for being biased against the Scottish Yes campaign.

Scottish independence: We must be organised to win workers' demands

16 September 2014
David Cameron has said that a Yes vote in Scotland’s referendum would break his heart. That would seem reason enough to campaign for a Yes vote. 

Why Britain's bosses fear an independence vote in Scotland

16 September 2014
Sections of our ruling class are being driven wild by the opinion polls on the Scottish referendum. Apparently if a small country on the edge of Europe votes for independence, civilisation as we know it is over. 

Fear and loathing in Scottish referendum campaign

12 September 2014
In one of the most coordinated and brazen campaigns in recent times, business, politicians, the media, multinational corporations and international bankers have united in order to bully Scottish voters into voting No in the independence referendum.

Why we are voting Yes in the Scottish referendum

09 September 2014
Five reasons why we need to push for a Yes vote in Scotland

Ruling class panics after Yes campaign takes lead in Scottish independence poll

09 September 2014
The No campaign is in trouble with the Scottish independence vote too close to call, writes Raymie Kiernan

Scotland special - all out to win a Yes vote

09 September 2014
The leaders of the main Westminster parties, panicked this week, cancelled their plans and rushed to Scotland.

Voices from the Yes campaign - how independence vote is stirring up debate

09 September 2014
The referendum campaign has unleashed an unprecedented level of debate in Scotland.

The limits of Scottish nationalism

09 September 2014
The Scottish National Party is making headway as the independence referendum nears, but, says Iain Ferguson, the party is trapped by its attempt to please both the rich and the poor at the same time

Let's get David Cameron out - Vote yes in Scotland, join pay strikes and protests

09 September 2014
It wasn’t supposed to be like this for Britain's political elite. Less than year ago the unionist Better Together campaign in Scotland felt assured of victory. Now it is hanging by a thread

Optimistic rallies for Yes campaign held across Scotland

09 September 2014
Yes campaigners in Glasgow were boosted by socialists from England and Wales last weekend to push the case for independence.

Independence referendum - No campaign gets nasty as Scots prepare to vote

02 September 2014
Two hundred people protested in Glasgow outside a closed meeting of the CBI bosses’ organisation last week. David Cameron had chosen to address them rather than talk to Scottish voters.

Scottish referendum on a knife edge - vote Yes to independence

02 September 2014
Latest polls show just a three-point swing to Yes could win the referendum as momentum is with pro independence campaign.

Scottish independence - Alex Salmond's tack left is good news for the yes vote

26 August 2014
Working class issues trump financial nitpicking, argues Carlo Morelli

Scottish shipyard workers don't swallow the lie that independence will cost jobs

26 August 2014
The “Better Together” campaign is trying to blackmail shipyard workers into voting no to Scottish independence.

How the independence vote can radicalise Scotland

19 August 2014
Raymie Kiernan looks at why Scottish independence activists believe a last push for votes can bring victory—and raise wider issues about the alternative to capitalism

Scotland's currency row masks ruling class fears of independence

12 August 2014
The British ruling class are trying to scare voters away from a yes vote by raising questions over a future Scottish currency.

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