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People forced to food banks as they are ‘swept into destitution’

01 May 2020
Huge numbers of people are being driven to food banks as the coronavirus crisis deepens

A system of waste and rot

24 April 2020
More than 250 million people face food uncertainty by the end of this year, while producers are destroying food on an extraordinary scale

Food poverty is hitting millions during lockdown

11 April 2020
Millions of people in Britain are going hungry during the coronavirus crisis, according to new research.

LETTERS - George Monbiot’s lab food plan gives power to bosses

13 January 2020
What if, instead of producing our food from animals and plants, we could grow it all in a lab?

Capitalism and climate—the system’s recipe for disaster

15 December 2019
Climate change is creating extreme weather events that put food production at risk. To deal with it we have to challenge and transform a food system that is run for profit, writes Sarah Bates

A third of Zimbabweans face a food crisis due to climate change and neoliberalism

07 August 2019
More than five million people in Zimbabwe face hunger or starvation, according to the United Nations (UN).

Unofficial action over pay at North Yorkshire food factory

16 July 2019
Hundreds of workers at Karro Foods in Maltonstruck unofficially for two days

Can eating less meat stop environmental chaos?

09 April 2019
The meat industry is destructive but changing our diets won’t be enough to save the planet, says Martin Empson

Meadow Foods strikers say, ‘We want more than crumbs’

15 January 2019
Workers at Meadow Foods are fighting over pay.

Plugging a brewing revolt

13 January 2019
100 years ago the sale of alcohol was banned in the US. It’s a story of profit-thirsty booze barons, ruling class paranoia and fermenting anger among workers, writes Alistair Farrow

Big food business sells veganism to mask its crimes

12 January 2019
From October, when Christmas apparently begins, capitalists spend a fortune creating a bubble of unreality—worries can wait, cheese and Baileys have no calories.

After TGI Fridays bosses’ retreat, it’s time to fight for everyone

13 November 2018
The Unite union heralded a victory at the TGI Fridays restaurant chain last week.

The truth about food that makes us sick

02 October 2018
Pret A Manger killed a teenage girl.

It's time to burst the bubble of capitalism

22 June 2018
A panic over shortages of carbon dioxide (CO2) is a very good example of the defects of capitalism.

The war on sugar lets food firms off the hook

25 May 2018
It looks like the food industry is winning the first battle in the war over sugar in food. 

LETTERS: We need open borders not single market and ID cards

06 March 2018
Plus, food and capitalism, voting rights and sexism in the media

Overpriced burger chain Beach Blanket Babylon still won’t settle its bill

06 March 2018
Bosses at the Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) glorified burger chain have been up to their old tricks—not paying workers

Reports round-up: Pro-choice activists set to take on anti-abortionists

14 November 2017
Plus, Kingsmill strike, Pentonville Five celebration and boiler maintenance workers

In brief - stripping state school funding

26 September 2017
Over a third of state schools in England are operating with a cash deficit. The figure was revealed in an answer to a parliamentary question on school finances.

Cheers to a minimum price rise for booze?

25 July 2017
Would a minimum price for alcohol benefit working class people and reduce the harm done by excessive drinking?

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