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If obesity is rising, blame poverty, profit and stress

28 January 2014
The pressures of our sick society make healthy eating harder for ordinary people, explains John Parrington

Join the fightback for fast food workers’ rights

07 January 2014
Food workers union Bfawu, Unite the Resistance and left wing Labour MP John McDonnell have teamed up to fight for fast food workers’ rights.

Food waste - a supermarket rip off

22 October 2013
Revelations about food waste in Britain have sparked new attacks on ordinary people.

Don’t blame the poor

03 September 2013
Millionaire celebrity Jamie Oliver has taken it upon himself to tell poor people how to eat. But the real problem isn’t the decisions that people in poverty make. It’s the poverty.

Fast food workers strike over pay in the US

30 July 2013
Fast food workers in seven US cities struck for better pay and the right to join unions on Monday of this week. 

GM wheat sparks an angry protest

29 May 2012
Around 200 people protested against genetically modified (GM) food in Hertfordshire last Sunday.

E coli: It’s the system that kills, not salad

07 June 2011
The latest E coli outbreak has already claimed the lives of 22 people and infected more than 2,000 people across the world.

Why are world food prices rocketing?

03 May 2011
The biggest wheat crop in world history is expected this year—yet half the globe’s population are at risk of going hungry. Globally, food prices have risen by 36 percent in the past year, meaning millions of people are priced out of the basic foods.

Stock market speculators mean starvation for millions

10 August 2010
Speculators are once again driving up the price of staple foods and threatening to push millions of the poorest people around the world into hunger.

A food crisis?

18 August 2009
If you have been unfortunate enough to listen to environment minister Hilary Benn over the past week you may have the impression that Britain is running out of food.

A man-made food crisis

24 March 2009
The financial meltdown that is spreading across the globe may have drawn attention away from the world food crisis, but it continues to fester and even grow.

Food and water prices up again

12 August 2008
Workers are facing even more devastating price rises on essential foodstuffs, according to figures out this month.

Cheap potato blight

22 July 2008
The grip of big business over the food industry means that the poor pay the price not just for rising prices, but also for sudden falls.

How the market caused the global food crisis

15 July 2008
The leaders of the world’s richest countries have clearly shown that they have no solutions to the global economic crisis.

Foot and mouth: why the crisis?

03 March 2001
Foot and mouth disease has dominated the press and TV for the last week. The disease is highly infectious, and action is needed. But it is not like BSE, mad cow disease, which passed to humans with devastating consequences. There is little risk to humans from foot and mouth disease. No one is likely to die or even get ill.

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