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Anger at scale of floods in Fishlake

19 November 2019
Over 100 flood alerts were in place across Britain on Monday

After deadly floods - anger at authorities’ failures and Tory cuts

12 November 2019
There is rising anger across Yorkshire and the Midlands at authorities’ ­failure to protect people from flooding.

Could this dam cope with a climate catastrophe?

06 August 2019
A dam holding around 1.3 million tonnes of water seemed set to collapse.

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

05 September 2017
Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

‘Cops care more about property than people,’ say Houston activists after Storm Harvey

01 September 2017
Tens of thousands of people in Texas are in shelters facing an uncertain future

Chemical leaks threaten poorest suburbs in Houston's danger zones

31 August 2017
In the shadow of some of the world’s biggest oil refineries, Storm Harvey’s floodwaters brought dangerous toxins to poor black and Hispanic communities.

Flood victim slams the Tories - 'We're made to feel like beggars for asking for help'

29 January 2016
As thousands of people across Britain fear flooding, many are still reeling from the impact of floods last month. And they are angry at the lack of official support they have received.

Tory spin on cuts doesn’t wash with flood victims

05 January 2016
People hit by flooding are turning their anger on David Cameron after Tory cuts to flood defences, councils and rescue services left them unprotected.

After floods firefighters slam cuts—sack Tories not us

05 January 2016
I was responding to the floods in Greater Manchester on Boxing Day, pumping out water and

Tory cuts turn extreme weather into social disaster

28 December 2015
Heavy rain on Boxing Day led to flooding across large parts of northern England. Everywhere Tory cuts and privatisation have increased the devastation–and its impact on the poorest.

Furious flooded residents demand more than the ‘usual promises’ from Cameron

08 December 2015
Residents of Cumbria were furious with David Cameron as he came for a photo-op on Monday of this week.

Floods haven’t gone, but job cuts continue at the Environment Agency

04 March 2014
Fresh flood warnings were issued for the whole South West coast of England this week. Most of the Somerset Levels have remained underwater for yet another month. Many homes are still flooded.

Insurance—a racket that helps rich firms get richer

25 February 2014
Many flood victims have found that insurance firms won’t pay up—while companies plot new ways to sell more worthless policies, reports Socialist Worker

Homes soaked due to flooding but vital jobs continue to be cut

25 February 2014
Even with homes still underwater in Somerset and large parts of the Thames Valley, Environment Agency (EA) bosses are pushing ahead with job cuts.

No need to wait to resist the Tories

18 February 2014
 It’s time the Tories saw a real fight. They are under pressure. People blame them and their cuts for the chaos of their flooded homes. Polls show that 60 percent of people think that they have handled the floods badly.

Firefighters providing essential flood support face cuts

18 February 2014
Firefighters have been rescuing those trapped by the floods across Britain.

Tory floods soundbite rebounds on Cameron

18 February 2014
The prime minister has retracted his ‘Money no object’ for flood victims promise, writes Dave Sewell

David Cameron claims 'money no object' but they don't give a damn

18 February 2014
Hundreds of Kent flood victims listened with anger this week as officials explained that they could have to wait years for new flood defences.

Human and animal sewage contaminate flood water

18 February 2014
Flood waters bring contamination from overflowing sewers and drains.

Ministers try to avoid deluge of blame

18 February 2014
Tory ministers and top civil servants have played a dizzying blame game in recent weeks. 

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