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Pay campaigns

NHS pay protesters refuse to shelve their anger

12 September 2020
Health workers in towns and cities across Britain protested to demand a pay rise

NHS workers protest over pay insult

26 August 2020
Health workers rally against the Tory pay insult in towns and cities across Britain.

Protests to stuff Tories’ NHS pay insult

25 August 2020
Health workers across Britain planned a series of workplace rallies and demonstrations for pay justice this week.

NHS workers prepare for day of action against Tory pay insult

18 August 2020
Health workers plan ­rallies outside hospitals across Britain on Wednesday of next week to demand a pay rise.

NHS pay revolt—union wage claim does not match what workers need

11 August 2020
Activists at the forefront of the pay revolt have come out against union leaders’ attempts to dampen down workers’ demands.  

​​​​​​​Tax office cleaners launch walkouts to win living wage

03 August 2020
Cleaners at HMRC tax offices in Liverpool and Bootle began a four week strike on Monday—part of a long-running battle for a living wage.

The NHS workers leading a grassroots pay revolt say—‘we’ve had enough!’

02 August 2020
Health workers across Britain are taking the pay fight into their own hands

NHS workers in a pay revolt

28 July 2020
Health workers are in revolt over the Tory refusal to give a pay rise to hundreds of thousands of people who work in the NHS.

Reports round-up: Government cleaners win Covid-19 sick pay battle

14 July 2020
A campaign by the United Voices of the World (UVW) union has won at the Ministry of Justice, (MOJ) after bosses announced that its cleaners would receive full pay if self-isolating or ill.

Reject local government pay offer and raise anti-racist solidarity

23 June 2020
Consultation with Unison union members on a 2.75 percent pay offer to local government workers in England and Wales is underway.

Tower Hamlets strikes called + Reject pay deal + Councils in cash crisis

16 June 2020
Unison union members are set to strike on 3, 6, 7, 14, 15 and 16 July.

SNP claps NHS workers but won’t pay them extra

16 June 2020
NHS workers are angry that the Scottish government has refused to reopen talks over pay.

University workers build resistance to throw out a rotten deal

26 May 2020
A major revolt among rank and file UCU union members in universities is taking place. 

Action is needed to win council workers’ pay rise +Merthyr victory + Dundee carers

21 April 2020
Local government employers in England and Wales last week offered just a 2.75 percent pay rise for over a million workers for 2020-21.

Keep fighting as university strikes have bosses under pressure

02 March 2020
Tens of thousands of university workers entered their third week of a wave of strikes on Monday. They need solidarity and an outgoing strike.

University strikers march and prepare for stronger resistance

26 February 2020
Up to 1,000 university strikers, students and supporters marched through central London on Wednesday on the final day of a three-day strike.

Solidarity boosts university strikers on day four of their action

25 February 2020
John McDonnell said, 'We will do all we can in parliament to support you. But on the streets is where we need to be.'

More universities could join new wave of UCU action

14 January 2020
Workers in 37 UCU union branches are reballoting for strikes. The branches voted overwhelmingly for walkouts in initial ballots, but failed to meet the Tories’ 50 percent turnout threshold for legal strikes.

Struggle against poverty pay at Liverpool tax office

07 January 2020
Outsourced cleaners at HMRC tax offices in Liverpool struck over pay

UCU strikes see ‘festive’ second day

26 November 2019
Striking university staff were in a buoyant mood as they entered the second day of an eight-day walkout on Tuesday.

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