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Jury retires to consider its decisions in Hillsborough inquests

06 April 2016
The jury in the Hillsborough inquests has retired today, Wednesday, to consider its decisions. The jury will consider the medical cause and time of death of the 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Hillsborough cops amended statements ‘significantly’

05 April 2016
Coroner Sir John Goldring is continuing to sum up evidence given to fresh inquests relating to the Hillsborough football disaster.

Hillsborough match commander admits he made mistake during day of disaster

08 March 2016
Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield accepted that it was a mistake not to close the tunnel to pens 3 and 4, a court has heard.

Police chief at Hillsborough made 'serious mistake', court is told

01 March 2016
Police chief David Duckenfield accepted it was a “serious mistake” to accept the role of match commander in the run-up to the Hillsborough disaster, a court has heard.

‘No pathological basis’ for exclusion of evidence at original Hillsborough inquest, say medical experts

27 October 2015
Fresh inquests into the deaths of fans who were crushed during the 1989 Hillsborough disaster have heard of serious problems with the original inquests.

Hillsborough - 'Inspector put words in my mouth' says ex-cop

06 October 2015
A former police officer has told a court that a West Midlands Police (WMP) officer pressured him to change his evidence on the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Hillsborough - more evidence heard about altered police statements

06 October 2015
An inquest court has heard evidence about the alteration of police statements in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster.

Fair Play for Palestine demo in Wales shows solidarity movement is growing

08 September 2015
Up to 1,500 Palestine solidarity campaigners marched through Cardiff last Saturday as the Israeli football team played Wales in the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

Socialist Worker's coverage of the Hillsborough inquests

08 September 2015
Fresh inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans who died as a result of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster heard evidence for over two years. The jury is now considering its decisions. Here is Socialist Worker's full coverage of the inquests so far

Hillsborough cop: ‘I was one of the officers who pushed people back into the pen’

28 July 2015
Fresh inquests into the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster are continuing to hear evidence about fans’ last movements.

Hillsborough inquests - could victims put in a mortuary have been saved?

21 July 2015
Victims of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster may have been put with dead bodies in a temporary mortuary while they were still alive, inquests have heard.

Rotten football system goes further than Sepp Blatter

02 June 2015
The outrage of England and Europe over Fifa corruption is hypocritical, writes Dave Sewell

'I felt a pulse' says police officer at Hillsborough inquests

26 May 2015
Fresh inquests into the Hillsborough football disaster have heard more evidence relating to the movements of victims.

Police pushed fans back into deadly crush during Hillsborough disaster, inquest hears

03 February 2015
Police pushed fans back into a deadly crush during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster and threatened others with arrest, an inquest has heard.

Liverpool FC fans furious over blacklist firm and ticket prices

16 December 2014
The Liverpool FC fan group Spirit of Shankly is dismayed to note the club’s recent contractual relationship with Carrillion regarding the rebuilding of the main stand.

Police solicitor asked Hillsborough cops to 'review' evidence, inquests hear

02 December 2014
Former police officers were asked to “review” their evidence in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.

The Three Degrees - how three black players helped change British football

19 August 2014
Paul Rees’s new book does a fine job documenting the impact three black footballers had on 1970’s Britain playing for West Bromwich Albion. 

Strikes could shut down facilities before Commonwealth Games

15 July 2014
Strikes could shut publicly owned sports facilities, museums and libraries in Glasgow just two days before the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

World Cup of repression, protests and strikes is changing the game in Brazil

15 June 2014
The World Cup 2014 has finally begun in Brazil. It took seven years of preparation--including thousands of forced evictions, deaths of construction workers in stadiums and emergency laws to serve the organising body Fifa.

The World Cup is deepening the struggle for Brazil's cities

06 May 2014
Henrique Sanchez says big business will be the real winner of the World Cup—while ordinary Brazilians are losing their homes

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