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Miners' Strike special 2014

Goldthorpe march remembers Miners' Strike and continuing the fight today

About 1,000 people turned up in Goldthorpe to mark the 30th anniversary of the Miners’ Strike.

Brassed Off adaptation is worth seeing in the miners' anniversary year

Brassed Off adaptation is worth seeing in the miners anniversary year This adaptation of the 1996 film is a must-see in this 30th anniversary year of the Great Miners’ Strike.

Rembering miners who lost their lives - Barnsley memorial biggest for years

Every year miners, their families and supporters come together in the Yorkshire Miners Hall, Barnsley to remember the two Yorkshire NUM members, David Jones and Joe Green, who lost their lives fighting for justice in 1984-85. 

Scab walks no more

Women from Sunnyhill village in South Yorkshire last week smashed police and Coal Board plans to demoralise strikers at Silverwood colliery.

After 12 months of struggle - stabbed in the back by Kinnock and Willis

After 12 months of struggle - stabbed in the back by Kinnock and Willis Bitterness and anger are raging through the pit villages of Britain. But it is not, as the press would have us believe, directed at Arthur Scargill. The hatred which the miners and their families feel is for the Tories, the TUC and the Labour Party leadership.

Dock strike - now start to picket

Dock strike - now start to picket The registered ports and all the largest unregistered ports are supporting the national dock strike.

Tories want ten percent of miners on the dole - Now is the time to fight

05 March 2014
The Tories want to put at least one in every ten miners on the dole. And they declared this aim just a week after they defied the TUC and drove trade unions out of GCHQ at Cheltenham. Thatcher has always wanted to humiliate the miners. She wants revenge for her party and her class for the dramatic NUM victories in 1972 and 1974 when the union defeated the last Tory government.

Scargill calls for mass pickets

05 March 2014
Most of the miners’ leaders have refused to call for mass picketing as the only way to guarantee victory for the strike. But there is one notable exception – Arthur Scargill.

Defending the strike against scabs

05 March 2014
The banners of Newstead, Ollerton, Gedling and Thoresby collieries, backed by 3,000 striking Notts miners, defended their area NUM office against a scabs' rally early on Tuesday morning.

United in battle for the class

05 March 2014
One of the most exhilarating and exciting things about the miners’ strike is the mobilisation of women, writes Paul Foot.

Still solid at Christmas - victory to the miners

05 March 2014
Christmas on the picket line is something that Margaret Thatcher has admitted she thought she'd never see.

Why you should support this strike

05 March 2014
The miners strike is a strike for every worker in this country.

Harwich shows the way

05 March 2014
Two hundred seamen and a group of dockers at Harwich took strike action on Wednesday in support of the miners. The seamen work on the passenger liner, the St Nicholas.

Battle for the power stations

05 March 2014
Three power stations - West Thurrock, Didcot and Tilbury - have in the last week all seen action in support of the miners. Workers at each station have refused to accept scab coal and oil.

15,000 march in Glasgow to support the miners

05 March 2014
Over 15,000 people joined the demonstration in Glasgow last Wednesday in response to the Scottish TUC's call for a day of action in support of the miners. Many workers had taken strike action to join the march.

Pit villages fight back

05 March 2014
Yorkshire pit villages erupted on Monday when miners kept NCB area safety men out of pits in response to coal board efforts to engineer a back to work movement.

TUC get off your knees - Defend the miners' union

05 March 2014
The NUM is facing an attack on union rights more serious than anything we have seen in a lifetime. Never before have our rulers had the nerve to hand over a trade union lock, stock and barrel to a Tory lawyer.

Bus workers back miners

05 March 2014
A strike by workers at the National Welsh bus garage in Porth, South Wales, has forced their management to lift a ban on hiring coaches for miners' flying pickets.

Behind the secret talks - Tories plan to split the miners

05 March 2014
The secret talks between the Coal Board and the NUM are a grave threat to the miners’ strike.

Stopping the filth

05 March 2014
'Miners once the salt of the earth, are now the scum of the earth'. That would have been the Sun's front page on Saturday morning had action by the print unions not kept this filth off the streets.

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