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Miners' Strike special 2014

Strike brings more support

05 March 2014
A strike at Manchester's Piccadilly station has ensured support for the miners there will continue.

The battle of Orgreave and how it was lost

05 March 2014
The events outside Orgreave coking plant near Rotherham over the past two weeks may well come to be seen as the turning point in the miners’ strike. Alex Callinicos tells the story.

Defending the strike against scabs

05 March 2014
The banners of Newstead, Ollerton, Gedling and Thoresby collieries, backed by 3,000 striking Notts miners, defended their area NUM office against a scabs' rally early on Tuesday morning.

Bus workers back miners

05 March 2014
A strike by workers at the National Welsh bus garage in Porth, South Wales, has forced their management to lift a ban on hiring coaches for miners' flying pickets.

Regular meetings are key

05 March 2014
Even in pits where there is a high level of scabbing it is still possible to hold the strike together.

Kitchens in danger

05 March 2014
These kitchens are in need of immediate financial help. Rush donations, and organise New Year delegations to:

Hundreds arrested in Notts

05 March 2014
There is intimidation every day in the Nottinghamshire coalfields. It is planned intimidation, executed in cold blood and it goes completely unreported in the Fleet Street press.

Still solid at Christmas - victory to the miners

05 March 2014
Christmas on the picket line is something that Margaret Thatcher has admitted she thought she'd never see.

How the Miners' Strike could have won

04 March 2014
Mike Simons, who was Socialist Worker's journalist covering the dispute, takes issue with those who say the fight was doomed—and explains how Thatcher could have been beaten

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