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EU risks lives to cut the risk of losing money

23 March 2021
The European Commission exploits every crisis to increase its own powers. It seized control of the vaccine procurement programme but bungled it.

Workers won’t benefit if Covid and racism drive out migrants

01 March 2021
Reports have found that large numbers of migrants are leaving Britain. It’s all caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic—and a punishing immigration system, argues Sam Ord

Is the City losing its financial domination?

16 February 2021
Is world history going into reverse? The great historian Fernand Braudel argued that the modern capitalist world economy always has had a city at its centre, starting in the later Middle Ages with Venice.

Bankers’ and bosses’ man asked to take over in Italy

05 February 2021
Italy's rulers want to install a technocrat to push through measures they cannot impose by normal means

Vaccine nationalism will endanger us all

02 February 2021
Farcical aspects aside, the row over the European Union’s vaccine supplies reveals the inability of the present system to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

Protests in Russia take aim at Putin and poverty

01 February 2021
Alexei Navalny supporters are on the streets but have no more to offer working people than Vladimir Putin

Five articles on Brexit

24 December 2020
It’s impossible at this stage to give a proper analysis of the new Brexit deal. But here are five articles that give the background.

Ordinary people forced to pay for politicians’ Brexit wrangling

14 December 2020
The chaotic Tory handling of Brexit limps on towards further potential disasters

The political choices behind hard Brexit

14 December 2020
Whether or not there is a trade deal between Britain and the European Union, we will experience a hard Brexit, with a fair degree of economic disruption. Such an outcome was not inevitable

EU border agency accused of brutality against migrants seeking safety

07 December 2020
A body that patrols the EU’s external borders has been accused of unlawfully turning migrants away and sending them back to Turkey. 

Brexit could have meant more than this

07 December 2020
The Tories and Boris Johnson desperately continued their faltering attempts to broker a Brexit trade deal this week.

‘A massacre at Europe’s borders’ as over 100 refugees are drowned

16 November 2020
More than 110 refugees died in the space of three days in the Mediterranean Sea last week

Deported under new regime for being a rough sleeper

26 October 2020
Rough sleepers in Britain who have come from other countries face deportation under new immigration laws. These will be introduced when the Brexit transition period ends.

Lesvos refugees who escaped a fire now face appalling conditions

17 September 2020
'Everybody is tired. We want other countries to come and help us,' a refugee tells Socialist Worker

International law is made for capitalism

14 September 2020
International law helps to regulate the relations between capitalist states. It plays an increasingly important role in providing a framework for the activities of transnational corporation

Refugees on Lesvos defy repression to march for freedom

13 September 2020
Thousands of stranded refugees demonstrated on the Greek island of Lesvos after the camp they were kept in burned down this week. They were met by riot police with teargas

The story of how Corbyn’s compromises led to defeat

11 September 2020
Left Out is a book for people who think Keir Starmer is doing a good job. But it also holds some valuable lessons for genuine socialists—and hard truths about the Labour Party.

Fire destroys refugee camp in Lesvos

09 September 2020
A huge fire has destroyed the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, where tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty are trapped

Brexit bluster can’t hide Tories’ EU troubles

07 September 2020
A year ago Brexit dominated the headlines to the point of utter tedium. Now, of course, it’s the Covid-19 pandemic, which is too deadly to tolerate boredom. But Brexit is mounting a comeback, with a vengeance.

Is EU singing from Hamilton songbook?

25 May 2020
Alexander Hamilton, one of the brilliant group of “founding fathers” of the United States and its first finance minister, was once remembered mainly because he was killed in a duel by vice president Aaron Burr in 1804.

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