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The eurozone’s not so happy new year

03 January 2012
New Year cheer is in short supply judging by the latest statements from European leaders. Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy and Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano all began the year by warning of more pain to come.

The new euro deal - your questions answered

13 December 2011
What is the "eurozone"?

EU panics as economy gets worse

13 December 2011
The robber barons of Europe have fallen out—but their rows are an expression of a much deeper crisis. They face the prospect of economic catastrophe.

Austerity will drive the crisis deeper

13 December 2011
The summit of European Union (EU) leaders last week marked a turning point in the development of the euro crisis. Their previous attempt to fix the crisis in late October ran out of steam just two days after it was agreed.

General strike against Belgium's new government

06 December 2011
Tens of thousands of people protested against austerity in Brussels on Friday of last week. Large parts of Belgium’s transport system were shut down by strikes.

Downfall: Crowds gather in Rome to cheer Berlusconi’s departure

13 November 2011
Italians have been celebrating the downfall of their hated prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, who resigned in disgrace last night (Saturday).

Fear and confusion as eurozone slides

04 October 2011
A couple of weeks ago the economist Paul Krugman said he was "both terrified and bored" by the eurozone crisis. I know what he means.

Cuts and bailouts are are no solution for European crisis

07 June 2011
‘On a magic night, just like in Argentina, we will see which one of the politicians will make it first to the helicopter."

Italians reject Berlusconi cronies

31 May 2011
Voters in Italy have dealt a resounding blow to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s right wing government in local and mayoral elections.

Massive strike rocks Italy

10 May 2011
A hugely successful one-day general strike took place in Italy on Friday of last week, called by Italy’s largest union, the CGIL.

Hated Ofsted gets inspected

24 November 2009
Ofsted, the hated schools and children’s services inspectorate, is used to branding workers as "failures". This week it got a taste of its own medicine.

Irish voters reject plans for a neoliberal Europe

17 June 2008
Irish voters have dealt a decisive blow to attempts to create a corporate, militarised European Union (EU) superstate by voting to reject the Lisbon treaty.

Gordon Brown refuses to hold British referendum on Lisbon treaty

17 June 2008
Gordon Brown’s government has pressed on with the parliamentary vote to ratify the Lisbon treaty on the European Union (EU), despite Irish voters rejecting it.

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