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India-China battles warn of rising tension

India-China battles warn of rising tension High in the barren mountains of Ladakh, just downwind from the Himalayas, a seemingly bizarre series of fights took place last week.

‘Everything is destroyed’ in wake of Cyclone Amphan

‘Everything is destroyed’ in wake of Cyclone  Amphan Millions of people in India, Bangladesh and Bhutan have been forced to flee from “super cyclone” Amphan that swept inland from the Indian Ocean on Wednesday. 

Millions fear starvation after shutdown imposed in India

Millions fear starvation after shutdown imposed in India The Indian government’s attempts to lockdown over a billion people are collapsing after only a few days.

Blood on Modi’s hands as riots sweep India’s capital

Blood on Modi’s hands as riots sweep India’s capital Anti-Muslim attacks have hit New Delhi - but there is also resistance

Huge strike in India has power to challenge hard right government

09 January 2020
Some unions say nearly a fifth of the population stayed away from work

Protest in east London over India’s racist law

07 January 2020
Slogans of unity against racism echoed in Newham, east London, as 3,000 people took to the streets against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act

Gandhi, violence and victory – which tactics can win real change?

28 September 2019
Mohandas Gandhi’s legacy continues to inspire activists today. Socialist Worker looks back at the tactics of the mass movement that kicked the British Empire out of India

‘All Kashmiris are angry with the government’

27 August 2019
Kavita Krishnan has just returned from occupied Kashmir where she was part of an Indian solidarity delegation. She talked to Socialist Worker about conditions in Kashmir since the Indian government annexed the Muslim-majority territory earlier this month.

Protests in London as India declares its control of Kashmir

15 August 2019
The Indian government has held a special ceremony to announce that it is in control of the disputed area of Kashmir.

Kashmiris take to the streets over Modi’s racist crackdown

12 August 2019
The Indian government’s crackdown in Kashmir, on the border between India and Pakistan, is leading to resistance on the streets.

India risks nuclear war with attack on Kashmir

06 August 2019
India’s removal of autonomy for Kashmir is rooted in racism and imperialism

Life-threatening water shortages in India flow from climate catastrophe

25 June 2019
Millions of people in India are battling an acute water crisis and a

Extinction Rebellion activists plan a camp for the climate

11 June 2019
Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists in Scotland are getting ready to set up camp to demand politicians urgently act on climate chaos.

Modi and the BJP’s victory means religious and caste minorities under threat in India

24 May 2019
Hard right prime minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party have been re-elected by a landslide in India’s general election.

Amritsar—A very British massacre

09 April 2019
Hundreds killed, thousands injured and bodies piled on top of each other. Socialist Worker tells the story of one of the bloodiest crimes committed by the British Empire in India

India and Pakistan ramp up threat of new war in Kashmir

28 February 2019
The conflict between India and Pakistan over their disputed border region Kashmir threatens to unleash new hell on a land that has seen too much of it already.

Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir

21 February 2019
India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict.

Strikes and protests in India pressure Modi’s BJP before the general election

15 January 2019
Up to 200 million workers in India joined a two-day general strike last week.

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