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Hospitals in India near collapse as new wave hits and cases rise

20 April 2021
As world Covid-19 deaths pass three million, India is in the grip of a terrible new wave of the virus. Other countries governed by the hard right face a similar situation, says Yuri Prasad

Capitalism allows global Covid-19 cases to soar

13 April 2021
Global coronavirus cases have escalated over the past seven weeks and deaths have risen for the past three weeks. More than 136 million people have been infected, and almost three million have died.

Virus still on the rise, despite the vaccine

06 April 2021
Covid-19 infections are still soaring around the world, and it’s no time to end safety measures, says Sam Ord

International round up—Indian farmers block trains

23 February 2021
Farmers in India stepped up their battle with the government last week with blockades of railway tracks.

LETTERS—India’s vaccine rollout driven by power politics, not need

23 February 2021
The Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest producer of vaccines, with the ability to produce 1.5 billion doses per year.

International round up: State crackdown on farmers’ support in India

16 February 2021
The panic-gripped Indian state responded to massive support for the farmers’ movement by accusing everyone of conspiring against it.

International round up: Students in Turkey ‘won’t back down’

09 February 2021
Student protests have swept across Turkey, beginning at Istanbul’s Bogazici university. They could develop into the biggest revolt by young people since the Gezi Park protests of 2013.

Far right moves to smash farmers in India

02 February 2021
 A coalition of far right thugs, police and government ministers are out to smash the Indian farmers’ movement.

Indian farmers reap success after state violence fails to stop march into New Delhi

28 January 2021
Farmers’ protests across India have been a massive blow to the ruling hard right BJP party. 

Militant farmers rage on the streets of India

26 January 2021
Hundreds of thousands of protesting farmers on tractors were fighting their way into the Indian capital New Delhi as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Covid-19 vaccine—who will be to blame if the poor are again left to die?

23 January 2021
The rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes helps governments claim they are in control of the coronavirus pandemic. But the vaccine isn’t for everyone—the poorest are being left behind. And ultimately the scheming of powerful states and pharmaceutical firms put everyone at risk

Indian government’s attempts to sow division fail to stop farmers’ protests

13 January 2021
India’s highest court has decided to suspend temporarily the implementation of new farming laws that led to a huge, weeks-long protest movement.

Letters—Union wrong to counterpose saving jobs to saving planet 

05 January 2021
Scarborough police broke up our socially-distanced anti‑offshore gas field demo this week.

International round-up: Millions of workers could add to Indian farmers’ protests

05 January 2021
Protests by hundreds of thousands of farmers in India continue to grow despite cold and heavy rain in the capital New Delhi. 

Farmers’ protests in India pile on pressure

15 December 2020
Farmers’ protests in India continue to put the hard right government of Narendra Modi under extreme pressure.

Indian farmers join mass action after Modi government attacks 

05 December 2020
Tens of thousands of farmers are confronting measures pushed through by Narendra Modi’s government.

Indian general strike shows workers’ power to take on hard right Modi government

27 November 2020
A stunning general strike by 250 million Indian workers on Thursday shut down most of the country’s main cities and towns.

Woman’s rape and murder sees mass revulsion across India

05 October 2020
A wave of anger at police, politicians and caste violence has spread across India after four upper-caste men allegedly raped and murdered a low-caste Dalit woman. 

Udham Singh—revolutionary who took revenge for empire

29 September 2020
As Sir Michael O’Dwyer left the speakers’ table after his lecture for the East India Association in London 80 years ago, an Asian man rushed from the audience as if to greet him.

Pritilata Waddedar - demanding equality in the struggle for Indian freedom

18 August 2020
She said, 'Today if our brothers can enlist in the war of independence, we too the women should be allowed to do the same'

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