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Outrage after Indian state kills peasants in Nandigram

24 March 2007
"Bodies were scattered all over the paddy fields, smeared with blood. The injured were screaming for help – and police kept kicking them."

Victory for Capita workers

17 February 2007
After a two day strike at Capita TV Licensing in Bristol, an "in principle" agreement has been reached with management that places a limit on the number of jobs going to India.

Capita boss loses sleep over strike

10 February 2007
Some 130 CWU union members working on the Television Licensing contract for Capita in Bristol took strike action on 29 and 30 January in response to a business decision to move work to Mumbai in India.

The Indian Mutiny: rejection of empire

13 January 2007
This year is the 150th anniversary of the greatest armed rising against British imperialism the world has seen. It began as a mutiny of the largest army in Asia – the East India Company’s Bengal Presidency Army – and turned into a general rising of the peasantry across the whole of what today is northern India.

Indian Social Forum: are NGOs enemies of the people?

25 November 2006
One of the most striking features of the Indian Social Forum (ISF), which took place in Delhi two weeks ago, was the huge numbers of NGOs – non governmental organisations – involved in the event.

Picture of Indian Social Forum delegates

18 November 2006

Indian Social Forum lit up by a spirit of resistance

18 November 2006
Last week saw 40,000 people come together to demonstrate and organise resistance at the Indian Social Forum (ISF) in Delhi, India.

Katsouris: the firm with Britain’s worst safety record?

16 September 2006
Workers at the Katsouris food processing plants in north west London gathered for a mass meeting at the Brent Indian Association last Saturday.

Ojos de Brujo: the new, vital sound of the Spanish city

01 April 2006
"Eyes of the Wizard", Ojos de Brujo in Spanish, are a group of friends who jammed together and turned into a band. They have become known for a sound rooted in flamenco, but mixed with everything – North African rai, rap, Cuban and Indian music.

Anti-war protests in India and Pakistan against Bush’s visit

11 March 2006
While a certain corner of our capital was transformed by red carpets in preparation for George Bush’s visit last week, the other corners were lined with banners, placards and posters that reflected the utmost contempt for Bush and his policies.

Indian car workers say, "Back down or we’ll blow up the plant!"

21 January 2006
Organised labour in India have shown that they have the power to resist multinational capital. A militant strike by workers at the Toyota-Kirloskar Motors factory in Bangalore, southern India has bosses on the back foot.

Services in the developing world under further attack from WTO

07 January 2006
The WTO did not deliver everything the most powerful governments wanted. Many factors held them back. As well as the protests, these included splits between the US and the EU, splits within the EU and splits between the poorest countries and rising powers such as China, Brazil and India.

Eyewitnesses to the devastating effects of the Asian earthquake

07 January 2006
A delegation from Sheffield, including several Respect members, recently visited Pakistan and Kashmir, a region of south Asia occupied by India, Pakistan and China.

The occupation and oppression of Kashmir

22 October 2005
The state of Jammu and Kashmir, where most of the casualties caused by the earthquake occurred, has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since 1947. India was partitioned by the British after a long fought freedom struggle.

Saudi Arabia — a house built on sand

13 August 2005
The House of Saud’s long career in the service of imperialism began in 1913, when King Abd al Aziz, the ruler of the Najd area of the Arabian peninsula, came seeking a British subsidy for his kingdom. His first request was unsuccessful, despite winning the backing of the British government’s India office.

Warmer tropical oceans fuel the risk of drought in Africa

13 August 2005
A paper in Science magazine in November 2003 showed that rainfall in the Niger region is driven by temperatures in the nearby south Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Indian students face police assault

09 July 2005
University authorities unleashed police and troops to smash up student protests in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, last month.

Indian protesters march against Coca-Cola bottling factory

18 June 2005
Hundreds of protesters marched against a Coca-Cola factory in Kerala, south India, on Thursday of last week to demand that the plant be permanently shut down.

TRIPS patent laws matter

05 May 2005
Until 1970 strict Indian patenting laws, covering pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural products, meant that most medicines had to be imported at some of the highest prices in the world. India had almost no domestic drug manufacturing capability.

Build Edinburgh protests at G8

05 March 2005
THE G8 runs the global economy. They are its organising committee. The G8 are the eight most powerful nations in the world. They are not the largest — the G8 excludes China, India and Brazil.

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