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The occupation and oppression of Kashmir

22 October 2005
The state of Jammu and Kashmir, where most of the casualties caused by the earthquake occurred, has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since 1947. India was partitioned by the British after a long fought freedom struggle.

Saudi Arabia — a house built on sand

13 August 2005
The House of Saud’s long career in the service of imperialism began in 1913, when King Abd al Aziz, the ruler of the Najd area of the Arabian peninsula, came seeking a British subsidy for his kingdom. His first request was unsuccessful, despite winning the backing of the British government’s India office.

Warmer tropical oceans fuel the risk of drought in Africa

13 August 2005
A paper in Science magazine in November 2003 showed that rainfall in the Niger region is driven by temperatures in the nearby south Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Indian students face police assault

09 July 2005
University authorities unleashed police and troops to smash up student protests in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, last month.

Indian protesters march against Coca-Cola bottling factory

18 June 2005
Hundreds of protesters marched against a Coca-Cola factory in Kerala, south India, on Thursday of last week to demand that the plant be permanently shut down.

TRIPS patent laws matter

05 May 2005
Until 1970 strict Indian patenting laws, covering pharmaceuticals, food and agricultural products, meant that most medicines had to be imported at some of the highest prices in the world. India had almost no domestic drug manufacturing capability.

Build Edinburgh protests at G8

05 March 2005
THE G8 runs the global economy. They are its organising committee. The G8 are the eight most powerful nations in the world. They are not the largest — the G8 excludes China, India and Brazil.

How Britain lost India

19 February 2005
In 1947 Britain lost control of India, the colony that British prime minister Disraeli had once called the "jewel in the crown of England".

Who murdered this left wing leader?

29 January 2005
A popular left wing leader in the assembly of the Indian state of Jharkhand was assassinated by gunmen on 16 January. Mahendra Singh, a leading member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), was killed as he prepared to run for his fourth successive term in office.

Victory in Bolivia against the privatisers

22 January 2005
THREE DAYS of militant protests last week forced the Bolivian government to expel a multinational water company from the country. A general strike shut down the financial capital of Santa Cruz. At the same time Indian residents of the town of El Alto blocked all the roads leading to La Paz, the administrative capital.

Poor pick up the pieces as stock market booms

15 January 2005
Two weeks after the Indian Ocean tsunami, hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans are still suffering. But the corridors of power are buzzing with talk of commissions to be skimmed off reconstruction contracts.

Global anti-war activists prepare

08 January 2005
OVER 400 activists from around the world gathered for an anti-war assembly in Hyderabad, India, at the end of last year.

Diego Garcia undamaged

08 January 2005
THE US military base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia was undamaged by the tsunami. The base had been forewarned, officials at the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii said.

‘Coca-Cola is stealing our water and our land’

11 December 2004
INDIA IS the scene of a major battle between the Coca-Cola corporation and farmers who live in the areas that surround their bottling plants.

....£87, 102 and rising

27 November 2004
DONATIONS TO the Socialist Worker appeal enable us to have a reach far beyond Britain. This week we received a message from Madhuresh, a supporter in Kolkata, India.

We're here

14 October 2004
Samarendra Das is from Orissa, India. He is an activist with the Socialist People’s Council, a grassroots campaigning organisation:

‘They stole our homes, then turned us away’

13 October 2004
THE PEOPLE of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean were forcibly expelled when their island was stolen 35 years ago in order to create a giant air base for US bombers.

And this is how they treat their friends

14 August 2004
INDIAN TRUCK drivers who were offered lucrative contracts in Iraq have come away with a low opinion of US troops.

Behind India's shock election result

22 May 2004
INDIA'S RIGHT wing Hindu chauvinist party, the BJP, suffered a shock defeat in last week's general elections. It had a net loss of nearly a third of its parliamentary seats, while its main opponent, Congress, had a net gain of a third. At the core of the BJP is an organisation with some similarities to European fascism, the RSS. It lay behind a murderous onslaught on the Muslim minority in the state of Gujarat that caused some 2,000 deaths just two years ago.

Millions on the march

27 March 2004
ANTI-WAR campaigners around the globe protested on 20 March after a call went out at this year's World Social Forum in India. The example set by Spain's anti-war movement inspired marchers in Italy. Two million filled the streets of Rome chanting "Berlusconi's next!"

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