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Defexpo 2002 arms fair in India: arms for the poor

23 February 2002
The British government is promoting a new way to help the 500 million Indian people in poverty-sell them weapons. Defexpo 2002, an arms fair, opened in New Delhi on Monday.

David Blunkett wants to arrange YOUR marriage

16 February 2002
Home Secretary David Blunkett unveiled New Labour's latest crackdown on immigration, asylum and British citizenship last week. He won rapturous praise from Tory MPs for attacks on the ability of immigrants to speak English and on British people marrying partners from the Indian subcontinent.

Blessed are the bomb makers

19 January 2002
TONY BLAIR may have tried to present himself as a peacemaker on his recent trip to India and Pakistan. But two forthcoming official events in the region, supported by Blair's government, will fuel the conflict.

Edge of an abyss

12 January 2002
TONY BLAIR cast himself in the role of peacemaker as he embarked on a tour of India and Pakistan to defuse recent tensions over Kashmir. The two nuclear powers stand dangerously close to war. Thousands of Kashmiris have been forced to flee their homes.

Nuclear powers go to the brink of new war

05 January 2002
THE GOVERNMENTS of India and Pakistan brought their countries to the brink of war at the beginning of this week. Such a war, between states armed with nuclear weapons, would directly involve over one billion people and could affect many more.

Kashmir: what lies behind the fighting?

05 January 2002
KASHMIR IS at the centre of the conflict between India and Pakistan. Its total population is 12 million. Roughly nine million are in Indian- administered Jammu and Kashmir, and three million are in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir.

Injustice outrage from Straw

15 September 2001
JACK STRAW, as home secretary in the last government, personally stepped in to ensure that Satpal Ram, an innocent man, remained behind bars. Satpal was racially attacked in an Indian restaurant in 1986. Satpal defended himself, and his attacker later died.

Deepa Mehta: Fire and Earth

24 February 2001
Two excellent films by the Indian film-maker Deepa Mehta are now available on video. Fire and Earth are part of Deepa Mehta's trilogy of films set in India. They challenge many of the accepted ideas in Indian society. Cinemas in India showing Fire were targeted by the extreme right wing Hindu organisation Shiv Shena because the story includes a relationship between two women.

Asylum briefs

05 February 2000
£10,000 to visit your relatives The government is to demand a bond of up to £10,000 from people from the Indian subcontinent who want to visit relatives in Britain. This will effectively bar people from visiting their families or attending funerals and weddings.

India's poor suffer from West's hot air

06 November 1999
THE INDIAN cyclone has caused complete devastation to one of the poorest areas of India. Ten million people's lives have been ruined and thousands are dead.


06 November 1999
ZUBER LATIF from India has won his battle against deportation. He has lived in Britain for 12 years and is married to a British citizen. The Home Office had claimed that their marriage was "ill timed" and was not grounds for Zuber staying in Britain, despite the fact that the couple had a child.

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