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A military massacre in India: Secret papers reveal Britain's role in Operation Blue Star

21 January 2014
As Britain’s role in the 1984 Operation Blue Star emerges, Rahul Patel looks at how India’s rulers came to ask their old imperial oppressors to help put down Sikh opposition

Six arrested after new India rape

15 January 2013
Six men have been arrested and police are looking for a seventh after a woman was raped on a rural bus in the Punjab region of India.

Rape accused on trial as punishment is debated

12 January 2013
The trial has begun of five men accused of raping and murdering a woman on a bus in Delhi two weeks ago. A sixth suspect will be tried in juvenile court.

Protests in India take on rape and repression

31 December 2012
The brutal rape of a 23 year old female medical student on a public bus in Delhi on 16 December has caught India by storm.

Hope amid the horror with protests at Delhi rape case

31 December 2012
In the middle of the unspeakable horror of the rape and murder in Delhi is a spark of hope.

Three centuries of Mughal India's cultural riches on display

11 December 2012
India under the Mughal Empire, which stretched from 1526 to 1858, was for a time one of the world’s most advanced societies. There were as many as 120 large cities. Delhi was said to be as big as Europe’s largest city, Paris, and was an economic and political powerhouse.

Focus on India: Has the fledgling superpower lost its sparkle?

07 August 2012
"India is shining," is the slogan that advertises the would-be superpower to the world.

Sikhs unite against planned hanging of resistance fighter

03 April 2012
Across the world Sikhs have been angered by the first hanging planned by the Indian judiciary since 2004.

Unprecedented strike in India shows growing workers’ anger

06 March 2012
Millions of workers took part in what is being described as India’s biggest ever general strike last week.

Support grows for Amanpreet

06 March 2012
Amanpreet Kaur is an Indian lesbian whose application for asylum has been denied. She was due to be deported on Thursday of last week.

Maldives: US backs right wing coup

14 February 2012
A right wing coup deposed the first democratically elected president of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean last week.

Kandhamal 2008

25 October 2011
The Kandhamal district of the eastern Indian state of Odisha saw some of the worst examples of communal violence in the country’s history in 2008.

Who killed Kelso Cochrane?

04 October 2011
Kelso Cochrane was a carpenter from the West Indian island of Antigua. He lived quietly in Notting Hill, west London, with his fiancee Olivia Ellington. He earned £15 a week and liked to listen to Ella Fitzgerald.

Fire in Babylon: West Indian cricketers upped the pace and won respect

14 June 2011
The West Indies were the undisputed champions of test cricket for 15 remarkable years from 1980. They took the game to new levels of skill and athleticism.

India: Left Front facing possible election defeat

26 April 2011
Voting started this month for elections in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The Way Back

11 January 2011
This Hollywood movie tells how a multi-national group escaped from Joseph Stalin’s gulag and survived climatic extremes to walk 4,000 miles to political freedom in India.

India’s Commonwealth Games are a poisoned chalice

28 September 2010
Hosting the Commonwealth Games was supposed to be a badge of honour for India’s ruling elite—a chance for the new superpower to shake off unhelpful images of "slumdogs" and replace them with "world class" stadiums.

100 million strike against privatisation in India

14 September 2010
Huge numbers of Indian workers joined a 24-hour strike last week against rising prices and privatisation. Action by around 100 million workers shut banks, power plants, telecommunications, airports and schools across the country.

Birmingham protest against Indian atrocity in Kashmir

27 July 2010


15 June 2010
Bhopal – bosses have got away with murder The conviction this month of seven former employees of Union Carbide is no victory for the hundreds of thousands of people who were affected by the 1984 disaster at the company’s plant in the city of Bhopal, India.

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