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Extinction Rebellion activists plan a camp for the climate

11 June 2019
Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists in Scotland are getting ready to set up camp to demand politicians urgently act on climate chaos.

Modi and the BJP’s victory means religious and caste minorities under threat in India

24 May 2019
Hard right prime minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party have been re-elected by a landslide in India’s general election.

Amritsar—A very British massacre

09 April 2019
Hundreds killed, thousands injured and bodies piled on top of each other. Socialist Worker tells the story of one of the bloodiest crimes committed by the British Empire in India

India and Pakistan ramp up threat of new war in Kashmir

28 February 2019
The conflict between India and Pakistan over their disputed border region Kashmir threatens to unleash new hell on a land that has seen too much of it already.

Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir

21 February 2019
India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict.

Strikes and protests in India pressure Modi’s BJP before the general election

15 January 2019
Up to 200 million workers in India joined a two-day general strike last week.

Millions of women line the streets in mass protest over sexism in India

07 January 2019
Women in India took part in mass protests against sexism last week—and on Tuesday tens of millions of workers were set to launch a two-day general strike.

Anger at the response to the floods hitting India

21 August 2018
More than 350 people have died and 1.5 million been forced to move by flooding in the southwest Indian state of Kerala

LETTERS: The Chennai Six case is a story about capitalist wars

05 December 2017
The “Chennai Six” are no doubt going to get a heroes welcome when they finally return.

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

05 September 2017
Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

How the dying British Empire tore India in half—and how it could have been stopped

13 August 2017
Seventy years ago this week the British Empire left India after decades of brutal rule

Trade unionists in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India need our solidarity

12 April 2017
Workers in Nigeria, Kazakhstan and India are fighting bosses’ attacks in the face of repression from their governments.

Despite the curator, Russian artists shine in new exhibit

14 February 2017
The Royal Academy’s revolutionary Russian art exhibition is impressive, but the working class is rarely seen as fully active within history

Will rivalry and repression start a nuclear war over Kashmir?

27 September 2016
Protesters shot, a base bombed and fighting talk at the top bring old tensions between India and Pakistan back to boiling point

Millions strike against labour reforms in India

07 September 2016
Millions of workers in India have joined a one-day general strike today, Friday.

International news round-up

30 August 2016
Turkish tanks, backed by US air strikes, swept into northern Syria last weekend and attacked Kurdish YPG forces. Meanwhile in India tens of millions of workers were due to hold a nationwide general strike on Friday of this week.

India - thousands protest over changes to savings scheme

26 April 2016
Protests by thousands of workers in Bangalore have forced the Indian government to reverse changes to savings schemes.

Indian students march against government's 'war on democracy'

02 March 2016
A wave of protests has gripped India since the arrest of students’ union leaders in the capital, New Delhi, last month. With a march to the parliament planned for today, Wednesday, Kavita Krishnan explains what is at stake

India - protesters vow to continue struggle to free arrested student union president

19 February 2016
The biggest wave of student unrest for 25 years has hit India following the arrest in Delhi of Kanhaiya Kumar, a student union president.

Protesters target Indian prime minister Modi’s state visit

17 November 2015
Hundreds of protesters confronted Indian prime minister Narendra Modi when he visited Downing Street last Thursday.

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