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Economic crisis

Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore

Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore As Chinese real estate giant Evergrande teeters on the edge, pundits are speculating whether its collapse could pull down the global economy. Socialist Worker looks at what’s behind the crisis

Will the economy recover from Covid-19?

Will the economy recover from Covid-19? As we begin to emerge from lockdown restrictions with companies reopening, Rob Hoveman examines what’s behind the turmoil and if the economy will now bounce back.

Virus has created potential for boom—and bust

Virus has created potential for boom—and bust Are we heading, as some commentators claim, for another “Roaring Twenties”, like the economic boom that followed the terrible flu pandemic of 1918-19?

British workers don’t benefit from less immigration

British workers don’t benefit from less immigration As the pandemic forced many migrant workers to return to their home countries, Socialist Worker asks if British workers have benefited.

What is behind the fears about inflation?

What is behind the fears about inflation? One issue is dominating discussion of the major economies—inflation. This has to do with both reality and fear.

Biden’s economic shift boosts bosses

Biden’s economic shift boosts bosses JOE BIDEN, a veteran Democratic Party politician, was generally seen as the continuity candidate when he ran successfully for the presidency of the United States. “Continuity” here means with the previous Democratic administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Capitalism— is it more than greed?

28 March 2021
Our leaders will celebrate greed for pushing innovation but Nick Clark argues that the greediness inbuilt within capitalism could potentially lead to our destruction

Fight the bosses that Labour Party backs

02 March 2021
What’s the point of a Labour Party that won’t even back the meagre tax rises on the rich planned by a Tory government?

Sunak’s budget will bring cuts, poverty and unemployment

28 February 2021
The Tories are preparing to plunge many more working class people into poverty and despair. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is under pressure to keep measures that support ordinary people in this week’s budget.

Tories plan a budget for the bosses

23 February 2021
Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget announcement next Wednesday will lay out the plan for who pays for the crisis—and he’ll be pushing to make sure it’s ordinary people.

Keir Starmer speech shows he has not broken with the bosses

18 February 2021
Labour leader Keir Starmer seemed to offer a change from “business as usual” in a speech on Thursday billed as a significant break from Tory politics.

Jobs slaughter shows up the chaos of capitalism

26 January 2021
Unemployment figures on Tuesday showed the continuing jobs slaughter.

Stock market booms as economy suffers

19 January 2021
The most bizarre single feature of capitalism is probably the stock market. It seems to have the ability to defy mere economic reality.

Beware of Biden’s empty promises

19 January 2021
 Joe Biden was set to become US president on Wednesday this week, but don’t think that means ­justice for black people or an end to attacks on workers.

A wealth tax could generate billions but the Tories attack working people instead

10 December 2020
Instead of attacking working class people and key services, vast amounts of money could be raised by taxing the rich.

Bosses snatch millions in dividends while they dole out job cuts

02 December 2020
While poverty, food bank use and unemployment rocket, big bosses are once again cashing in on the pandemic.

The pandemic, debt and economic power

01 December 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an enormous jolt to the world economy. We are in the midst of the biggest global slump since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Letters—Free period products provision in Scotland is a win for women

27 November 2020
This week in Scotland marked a victory for grassroots campaigners who have fought a long battle for free and fair access to menstrual items.

Fight Rishi Sunak’s pay attack on workers in public sector

24 November 2020
Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to announce a fresh public sector pay cap this week as part of new budget plans.

‘They are putting profit first’—residents in Hull speak out as virus cases soar

20 November 2020
Hull has become the worst-hit city by coronavirus in Britain. The week to 13 November saw 761 confirmed cases per 100,000 people. The second highest-hit place was Hartlepool, with 597.

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