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Pensioners plan protests to stop cuts to free TV licences

Pensioners plan protests to stop cuts to free TV licences This year’s Pensioners’ Parliament in Blackpool was rocked by news that the BBC is to end free TV licences for over 75s unless they qualify for pension credit.

Five years of fighting for the freedom to ride

Five years of fighting for the freedom to ride Over 60 people joined a rally in Sheffield on Monday to celebrate five years of campaigning by the South Yorkshire Freedom Riders.

Pensioners’ Parliament backs rail strikes

Pensioners’ Parliament backs rail strikes The annual Pensioners Parliament, held in Blackpool from 12 to 14 June, gave strong support to workers who are fighting back.

Tory wreckers manifesto is only for the rich

Tory wreckers manifesto is only for the rich Theresa May tried to pitch her manifesto as progressive with false promises on the NHS and schools. Nick Clark unpicks the attacks that they’re planning

Tory plot to attack pensions will put more older people at risk

Tory plot to attack pensions will put more older people at risk Tory strategists are deciding whether they will gamble on a new way to attack pensioners and future pensioners.

Antisocial Tories create an uncaring society

Antisocial Tories create an uncaring society The Tory attacks on both the NHS and social care leave vulnerable people with nowhere to go. Workers spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about two sets of cuts that are creating a crisis—with a real effect on patients’ lives

Protesters in Penistone march against bus cuts

26 July 2016
Over 70 people, mainly pensioners, marched noisily through the Pennine market town of Penistone last Thursday.

Congratulations on your 82nd birthday - now you can retire!

08 March 2016
“Work until you drop” is the message from the government and private pension firms.

Cops drop charges for Freedom Riders

09 December 2014
South Yorkshire Freedom Riders celebrate another victory but vow to restart action against cuts if councils don’t backtrack, says Sadie Robinson

Charges against Barnsley Freedom Riders dropped

28 November 2014
The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped all charges against freedom riders Tony Nuttall and George Arthur as “there is not enough evidence to obtain a prosecution”.

Councillors confronted by Barnsley Freedom Riders

04 November 2014
Nearly 50 pensioners held an angry protest outside the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive meeting in Barnlsey on Monday of this week. 

Freedom Riders lobby councillors

30 September 2014
Some 30 Barnsley Freedom Riders protested outside a Barnsley Labour council meeting on Thursday of last week. They demanded the council reinstate free train travel for older people, which it cut from April. 

Freedom riders force talks from rail bosses

19 August 2014
South Yorkshire freedom riders have seen a dramatic increase in their campaigning.

Cheers outside court in Sheffield for arrested Freedom Ride pensioners

08 July 2014
Well over 250 people gathered outside Sheffield Magistrates Court on Monday of this week.

Barnsley freedom riders return unbowed

30 June 2014
More than 100 people joined a freedom ride protest in Barnsley today, Monday. Disabled people, pensioners and their supporters gathered to lobby a meeting of the South Yorkshire Transport Executive.

Support grows for South Yorkshire freedom riders after police violence at protest

25 June 2014
Support has flooded in for freedom ride protesters in Barnsley after police arrested two protesters on Monday of this week.

Pensioners and disabled people 'appalled' at police violence on freedom ride protest

24 June 2014
Northern Rail Transport Police turned to violence to try and break protests by pensioners and disabled people in South Yorkshire this week.

Freedom riders defy the cops in Tour de South Yorkshire

10 June 2014
Over 100 Freedom Riders from all over South Yorkshire travelled by train to Meadowhall in Sheffield on Monday of this week.

Travel campaigners vow to ride on after bosses pass some concessions

20 May 2014
Over 200 people marched through the centre of Barnsley last Saturday against the withdrawal of free travel for disabled and older people. The four South Yorkshire Labour-run councils’ decision has sparked outrage and weeks of Freedom Ride protests, where hundreds of people travel on trains and refuse to pay.

All aboard as the freedom riders demand free travel

29 April 2014
A noisy mass of people gathered in Barnsley train station on Monday of this week for their fifth “Freedom Ride”.

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