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Bosses welcome Tories' report into employment rights

Bosses welcome Tories report into employment rights A review that was supposed to improve workers’ rights has instead given approval to insecurity. One union leader said “It’s no good. It won’t work and it isn’t a plan.

Fight the Tories to win workers’ rights

Fight the Tories to win workers’ rights A new battle over zero hours contracts and other work practices is set to take off  

Judge rejects Uber appeal against employment rights

Judge rejects Uber appeal against employment rights Uber taxi drivers celebrated the latest legal ruling against the firm last week.

Uber drivers speak out after firm appeals tribunal ruling

Uber drivers speak out after firm appeals tribunal ruling Uber drivers in London spoke to Alistair Farrow about the reality of life working for the controversial firm

London march for workers’ rights brings traffic to a standstill

London march for workers’ rights brings traffic to a standstill Traffic came to a standstill in central London today, Wednesday, as up to 300 people marched through the city at rush hour.

TfL Uber ruling should have gone further

TfL Uber ruling should have gone further Transport for London (TfL) has not renewed taxi firm Uber’s licence to operate in London.

Uber workers ready for a renewed fight over ‘gig economy’ rights

01 August 2017
Two workers who brought the landmark employment tribunal case against taxi firm Uber over their bogus self-employment are back in court in September.

Big care firms grab a subsidy from the Tories while workers get paid peanuts

01 August 2017
The Tory government confirmed it will “temporarily suspend” enforcement of minimum wage rules for big care firms last week, following corporate lobbying. And it has potentially handed them a huge subsidy.

LETTERS: I know the reality of bogus self-employment

25 July 2017
The Taylor review called bogus self-employment into the public eye. I have experienced this in the railway and construction industry.

United national action can derail Tory assault on train unions and safety

18 July 2017
Workers have announced fresh strikes that will shut down the Southern rail network.

‘Worker status’ is not good enough

11 July 2017
The Taylor Review was brought about by challenges by workers in bogus self-employment. But there’s a danger that the result will serve the bosses.

Council workers’ strike vote crashes into new anti-union law

06 June 2017
Local government workers in Scotland have voted by a clear majority to strike to force council chiefs to improve their latest pay offer but there are no plans for action.

Confronting the restaurant boss who refuses to pay his workers wages

06 June 2017
Watch the embarrassing conversation when Socialist Worker confronts Robert Newmark, a boss refusing to pay what he owes to his workers

Sacked for wanting wages - the reality of workers’ rights under the Tories

16 May 2017
Eleven workers fired by swanky restaurant Beach Blanket Babylon (BBB) in Shoreditch, east London, have been holding nightly protests outside it since management sacked them last week.

Theresa May grants workers the right to remain exploited

16 May 2017
The Tory manifesto set to be released this week will continue attacks on the whole working class.

Labour’s new policy on workers’ rights tinkers but doesn’t transform

02 May 2017
The difference between what’s on offer at the general election from the Tories and Labour was underlined last week over workers’ rights.

What does the Tory Trade Union Act mean for trade unionism?

07 March 2017
As the Trade Union Act comes into force, Sadie Robinson looks at the barriers that aim to stop workers striking—and why the Tories want them

Turkey steps up attack on workers in education

14 February 2017
New decree in Turkey gives president Erdogan even greater powers already resulting in mass suspensions and dismissals of workers

'We support the free movement of labour' - trade unionists speak out

17 January 2017
Free movement of labour has become a key debate. Workers currently have the freedom to travel across the European Union (EU) under current rules.

Zero hours contracts and temporary jobs - is precarious work the new norm?

22 November 2016
We are told that the rise of precarious work is changing the world. But Joseph Choonara argues that workers’ potential power to change the world is as relevant as ever

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