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What is morality?

What is morality? Our rulers set a moral code for us to live by, while living by a different set of rules themselves. Sam Ord explores what morality means for working class people

Johnson’s ‘wage rise’ claims are totally false

Johnson’s ‘wage rise’ claims are totally false Boris Johnson is trying to pose as the friend of workers with outrageous lies over wages.

Uber strikers rage against low pay and unfair dismissals

Uber strikers rage against low pay and unfair dismissals Uber drivers across Britain refused to work for 24 hours on Tuesday in a strike for pay and against unfair dismissals.

No job, no jab rules puts us all at risk

No job, no jab rules puts us all at risk Across the world, governments are ramping up class war by forcing people out of work if they haven’t been vaccinated against Covid. Socialist Worker says the new rules don’t protect people—they divert anger away from a ruling class that failed to protect people from the pandemic

The power of the working class today

The power of the working class today Jane Hardy’s new book, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains, argues despite bosses best efforts to stop workers' resistance, hope is not lost. She spoke to Nick Clark

Letters—Unions must fight for safety as new school term begins

Letters—Unions must fight for safety as new school term begins Education workers are returning to schools across England and Wales with mixed emotions.

One in 16 firms could close when furlough pay ends

17 August 2021
One million workers are employed by businesses at critical risk of closing operations within the next three months.

Empty shelves—nothing super about the market

31 July 2021
With shelves staying bare and shortages predicted to get worse, Sophie Squire looks at what’s behind the crisis and pins the blame on production for profit

Blame the huge surge in virus cases, not the app

23 July 2021
Notifications from the test and trace app are rising due to coronavirus cases. Sophie Squire investigates the Tory failures that have led to the rises

Bolt drivers strike and protest for pay and safety

24 June 2021
“So many trips that I do simply aren’t worth it. I’m making just over £1 per mile sometimes, and that’s before Bolt takes its cut," said a driver

More black women are pushed into zero hours

15 June 2021
Black and minority ethnic (BAME) women are almost twice as likely to be on zero hours contracts than white men, and one and a half times more likely than white women.

Peru—a radical history of resistance

14 June 2021
Pedro Castillo’s election win in Peru has cheered the left. Sophie Squire looks at the country’s history of struggle but also sounds some warnings for the future

Workers to pay for pandemic

08 June 2021
Low paid workers face a jobs “rollercoaster” after the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation.

Cab fight continues as union wins Uber deal

01 June 2021
Taxi service Uber has struck a union recognition deal with the GMB union.

Wronged post workers’ convictions overturned

27 April 2021
Post Office bosses should be prosecuted for overseeing an outrageous miscarriage of justice, its victims have said.

The Troublemaker — UPS takes spy in the cab to a whole new exploitative level

27 April 2021
A worker for delivery firm UPS has revealed a hellish new surveillance plan from bosses.

Letters—British Gas workers suffer at hands of selfish bosses

17 April 2021
Over the last five years British Gas has dumped on employees from the highest height with countless business area closures, restructures, shift changes and wage freezes.

Join actions this weekend to kill the Tory police bill

13 April 2021
The second major Kill the Bill day of action on Saturday should be a day of anger, resistance and defiance.

Scotland’s NHS workers deserve more than a 4 percent pay rise

30 March 2021
The battle for greater NHS pay will require building for serious action now, argues Yuri Prasad

Should having no jab mean there’s no job for workers?

29 March 2021
Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has said the Tories are considering compulsory Covid-19 jabs for NHS staff. In this column from March, we argued for persuasion, not compulsion.

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