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Tax avoidance

Private hospitals avoid £52 million tax bill by posing as charities

22 August 2017
Private hospitals will dodge up to £52 million in business rates over the next five years, according to surveyors CVS.

They’ve got the money - let’s raise the taxes on the rich

09 May 2017
The Tories tell us we can’t afford to spend on public services. That’s a bit rich, writes Charlie Kimber

SNP’s growth for Scotland depends on the lobbying industry

07 September 2016
The Scottish National Party (SNP)’s vision for Scotland includes much corporate lobbying.

Poison Apples—how corporations colluded with the Irish state

07 September 2016
The Irish government refuses to take tax off a giant corporation at the same time as imposing brutal austerity. This is an outrage—and it tells us a lot about how the system works, argues People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett

Socialist MP speaks out on rotten Apple Irish tax scam

01 September 2016
Why doesn't the Irish government want 13 billion euros in unpaid tax from US multinational Apple? Richard Boyd Barrett, a member of the Irish parliament, explains the case to Raymie Kiernan

BHS worker—‘The system is rigged against people like me’

07 June 2016
Some 11,000 jobs are set to go after Duff & Phelps, administrators for BHS, failed to find a buyer for the retail chain.

People's Assembly march is moving! And it shows the mood to beat the Tories

16 April 2016
THOUSANDS of people are taking part in the People’s Assembly march today in London. The front of the demonstration has just left Gower Street, heading for Trafalgar Square.

The Tories’ crisis demands more than making speeches - we need serious resistance

12 April 2016
The Tories are on the rocks. How can we smash them? Even more is at stake than David Cameron’s profits from offshore funds, his avoidance of £70,000 inheritance tax or his mysterious share dealings.

Private matters: How capitalism hides its filthy hoard

12 April 2016
There is an exclusive luxury ocean liner with tens of thousands of cabins. The “Panama papers” leak provides a porthole into just one of those cabins.

News in brief

12 April 2016
Short news stories from the last week including Tory ministers keep their grip on Tower Hamlets council, benefit cuts hit the poor again and the offshore 'saviour' of Tata Steel in Scunthorpe

Why did the press bury a story about Tory minister?

12 April 2016
Tory culture secretary John Whittingdale has had a lengthy relationship with Olivia King, a woman who works as a professional dominatrix and escort.

Tory posh boy admits he IS a rich tax dodger

12 April 2016
It took six days to get it straight—but Cameron did profit from daddy’s tax scam

LETTERS: When our factory closed we occupied - and so can steel workers

12 April 2016

Over 1,000 on protest in London demanding David Cameron's resignation

09 April 2016
A protest demanding David Cameron's resignation laid siege to the Tories in central London today, Saturday. 

Cameron admits he profited from offshore fund. Get him out!

08 April 2016
After days of ducking and diving, David Cameron finally admitted that he profited from his late father's offshore investment fund. Cameron had previously evaded answering direct questions about his links to Blairmore Holdings.

Mass protests push prime minister of Iceland to the brink

06 April 2016
Iceland's prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was under immense pressure yesterday, Tuesday, from huge demonstrations against his family's holding of millions of dollars in a tax haven.

Panama Papers scandal shows how capitalism works - we need to get rid of it

05 April 2016
Politicians who insist there’s no money for wages, pensions, benefits or public services had their secret hoards exposed this week.

Fury erupts in Iceland over prime minister's Panama Papers tax scandal

05 April 2016
As much as ten percent of Iceland’s population of 330,000 took to the streets on Monday evening, raging against their leaders’ corruption.

The Troublemaker - of Panama

05 April 2016
After leaked files from offshore firm Mossack Fonseca expose the secret stashes of the rich and powerful, Troublemaker roots through for the good stuff...

New Google scandal—Tax scam bosses’ bonanza

09 February 2016
There’s no austerity for them. Just days after Google did a sweetheart tax deal with the Tories, the firm has handed vastly more money to its top bosses.

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