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Economic crisis

Cuts have just made crisis worse

16 August 2011
The economic crisis wracking many countries is deepening. New figures show that austerity measures are making things worse.

System failure: Why a global storm has battered the economy

09 August 2011
The world economy appears once again to be on the brink of disaster. The volatility that swept through markets in recent days is reminiscent of the panic of autumn 2008, when the Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers collapsed.

Global elite united in making us pay

02 August 2011
The agreement to push through trillions of dollars in cuts in the US saw a shocking level of vitriol—if not downright pleasure—from right wing politicians.

Paralysis in EU as Greek crisis grows

12 July 2011
The old ones are sometimes the best. "Denial is not a river in Africa, but it is a state occupied by many eurozone politicians."

Masters of world have lots of worries

31 May 2011
THE G8 summit gathered last week in the French resort of Deauville. Apart from endorsing Barack Obama’s attempt to co-opt the Arab revolutions, it’s not clear what it did.

Across Europe, this is one fight

24 May 2011
The austerity plans of Europe’s elite are devastating lives, pushing economies further into crisis—and sparking mass protests.

Solidarity with Spanish protests across Britain

24 May 2011
Solidarity protests have sprung up in towns and cities across Britain.

‘No house, no job, no pension, no fear’ - what lies behind Spanish revolt

24 May 2011
Young people are at the centre of the dramatic Spanish revolt that exploded a week before last Sunday’s municipal and regional elections.

How thousands are organising

24 May 2011
Mass assemblies take place in the camps every evening. They involve everyone present.

Recovery, what recovery?

03 May 2011
While the Tories talk of a "fragile economic recovery", life is getting increasingly worse for most people—not better.

Financial crisis is far from history

26 April 2011
Hardened boosters of capitalism must be tempted to dismiss the global economic and financial crisis as history.

Greece can break from the cuts consensus and default on debt

26 April 2011
Greece is being buffeted around in the financial markets as speculation grows that it will default on its huge debts.

Coalition's in crisis: now's the time to strike

26 April 2011
The Tories are calling the Liberal Democrats "whingers" and "yapping dogs". The Liberals are calling the Tories liars.

Capitalism’s crisis

22 March 2011
There seems to be no let up in the economic crisis. How did we get into this mess?

Socialists have an alternative to the banks

23 November 2010
As Ireland descends deeper into economic crisis, the global ruling class has united to provide a bailout for the banks. This will mean further massive cuts to the jobs and living standards of the Irish working class.

A crisis that is far from over

23 November 2010
The global economic and financial crisis is now well into its fourth year. The desperate plight of the Irish economy, and the strains in the eurozone that it has exposed, show that the crisis has still got a long way left to run.

The banks that are holding Ireland to ransom

16 November 2010
The main bondholders in the Irish economy are:

What are government bonds and why do they matter?

16 November 2010
Bonds are a way for corporations or governments to raise money. They are the main way states meet the gap between their spending and their income from tax.

Europe makes cuts but the crisis grows

16 November 2010
The European financial system was on the edge this week with bankers demanding more cuts from economies already ravaged by austerity measures.

Bosses fear double dip or ‘Japanisation'

31 August 2010
As politicians, bankers and bosses return from their holidays, they will find plenty of evidence that crucial parts of the global economy are on the slide.

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