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Economic crisis

Recovery, what recovery?

03 May 2011
While the Tories talk of a "fragile economic recovery", life is getting increasingly worse for most people—not better.

Greece can break from the cuts consensus and default on debt

26 April 2011
Greece is being buffeted around in the financial markets as speculation grows that it will default on its huge debts.

Coalition's in crisis: now's the time to strike

26 April 2011
The Tories are calling the Liberal Democrats "whingers" and "yapping dogs". The Liberals are calling the Tories liars.

Financial crisis is far from history

26 April 2011
Hardened boosters of capitalism must be tempted to dismiss the global economic and financial crisis as history.

Capitalism’s crisis

22 March 2011
There seems to be no let up in the economic crisis. How did we get into this mess?

Socialists have an alternative to the banks

23 November 2010
As Ireland descends deeper into economic crisis, the global ruling class has united to provide a bailout for the banks. This will mean further massive cuts to the jobs and living standards of the Irish working class.

A crisis that is far from over

23 November 2010
The global economic and financial crisis is now well into its fourth year. The desperate plight of the Irish economy, and the strains in the eurozone that it has exposed, show that the crisis has still got a long way left to run.

Europe makes cuts but the crisis grows

16 November 2010
The European financial system was on the edge this week with bankers demanding more cuts from economies already ravaged by austerity measures.

The banks that are holding Ireland to ransom

16 November 2010
The main bondholders in the Irish economy are:

What are government bonds and why do they matter?

16 November 2010
Bonds are a way for corporations or governments to raise money. They are the main way states meet the gap between their spending and their income from tax.

Bosses fear double dip or ‘Japanisation'

31 August 2010
As politicians, bankers and bosses return from their holidays, they will find plenty of evidence that crucial parts of the global economy are on the slide.

Budget day: chancellor will reveal his plan for pain

15 June 2010
The emergency budget on Tuesdsay of next week will be a blueprint for misery for working class people in Britain.

Tory cuts hit school dinners, housing and childcare

15 June 2010
The Tories’ attacks have already begun—and they are taking aim at the most vulnerable people in society.

‘Economic spring’ is a long way off

16 March 2010
Like winter, the economic slump is reluctant to let Britain escape its grip. All attempts to talk up the "recovery" seem doomed to failure.

The British economy's worst drop since 1921

19 January 2010
The future course of the British and the world economies are shrouded in obscurity. But figures released last week give us a proper measure of the magnitude of what has already happened.

Give us a Christmas bonus: get the cash back from banks

08 December 2009
The real cost of bailing out Britain’s banks was revealed this week – a whopping £850 billion.

Gordon Brown’s government to slash jobs and services

08 December 2009
The war of words between Labour and the Tories over who can slash more of public services stepped up this week.

Crisis exposes ruling class rifts

10 November 2009
The news that Britain has not escaped recession brought a deep sense of gloom to big business. It also exposed deep rifts within the ruling class over what to do next.

Shouldn’t we all make sacrifices?

13 October 2009
Those at the top keep telling us that "we’re all in it together".

Paying for the recession: Save cash, cut the rich

22 September 2009
Socialist Worker offers a guide to painlessly raising huge amounts of money and cutting costs.

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